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Sprint Management



For PC gamers using the editor to change team stats......

Sorry if this has been talked about before, but for those who do not know, your ability to find gaps can be transformed by careful management of the sprint button. Before, I pressed sprint as soon as my player got the ball, and for some reason this has the effect of sucking in AI players, providing precious little room to make breaks.

However I have started running with the ball without sprinting to draw my opposite number then passing it to the man outside me, who comes onto the ball at pace (using sprint). I have suddently scored the most amazing tries using this method, including a length of the field try involving four players, against a much strengthened New Zealand side. I could never have done this using my old method of attacking, where there was no space at all!

This has completely opened the game up for me on single player, because the Ai can still score some great tries. My last match against the All blaccks playing as England finished 26 17.

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