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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by spearman, May 6, 2006.

  1. spearman

    spearman Guest

    Is there a way to degrade start players kicking?
    I have tried editing with Woosahs editor, but Carter and Wilko still punt from their 22 to the opponents in goal area.

    Any ideas?
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  3. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    yeah id like to know as well, did you put their kicking power right down, if so then that sucks, they are just too good its rediciliciliculous
  4. csrtt815

    csrtt815 Guest

    Yeah it makes no difference what kicking power you set any player the CPU always cheats! they always kick from halfway passed the 22 or behind goal line, it pees me off i have tested it and its the same result. I set a fly half to like 22 kicking and they still kick over 55 metres? dont know what it is Damn CPU Cheating! lol Test it see if it does the same for you!
  5. spearman

    spearman Guest

    Decreasing kicking power only ruins their goal kicking, though it does decrease punt range in open play. Punts on penalties are however unchanged.

    We need to edit the star players file so that the star doesn't make them punt like they have dynamite in their boots!
  6. We have to FIND the star players file first!
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