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In a rugby game ive always wished for a strafe button,,those who play rugby will know that during defence you never turn your back on your opposition. However in the games you run around like a headless chicken spinning all over the place. All that is needed is a button you hold that means you can line up your opposition attacker and make the hit.
yeah like in madden

thats a bloody good idea, although it would be useless after the ball has been passed to the centre, as you would be chasing them anyway...
Hmm. Intriguing idea.

Maybe it would only be good in the North/South Camera angle . . . but it sure would be nice to be able to tell your centre to spread a bit and mark a man.

A uniformn defense where you are able to set it before the opposition put the ball into play. Maybe I want all my player so the outside shoulder of their opposite, and yet they run it inside on a brilliant switch . . . I could be screwed. Fantastic.

Or, if your centres are caught in a ruck/maul and you strafe a defense across the opposition, it includes some fat robbinho of a forward who couldn't catch a dead fish -- you decision, you must live with it.

Interesting idea.
I've always suggested that this is needed. It's sooooo annoying on Rugby 2005 when you need to move back down the pitch but want to face the ball carrier.

The headless chicken comment made above is about right.
That is indeed a very good idea. Add to it a defensive shoulder hit and you would have a really good defensive weapon.

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