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Mr. Laxative

Well, this is something that has carried over from '04. The AI never seems to bring on replacements no matter what the players' stamina unless someone is badly injured. In Madden the AI actually makes subtitutions and this needs to be included in the next installment whether it is '06 or '07. If it doesn't what is the point in the game giving AI subs? I want to see some players that i like later in the game. Not to start with cos sometimes they can run me ragged, but as impact players if the AI is in a tricky situation. If u have discovered that the AI actually does make substitutions plz say so. Also wouldn't it be good if in the next game there was also a blood bin?
Yep, and change positions mid game and if your player is yellow or red carded the player u have selected to come on stays on the bench and u have to go through the prosess again.

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