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Right, there doesnt look like a rugby 2007. so we need to make a super 14 patch for this year.

We need all the new kits (who can do these? and somoene to make the rosters and the tornament draw (i can do these)

who wants to help? who would like this patch?

if not enough people want it, it probably wouldnt be worth a release.
Count me in....I can do kits and balls and logos and...well, most graphics.
I WOULD help, but i dont have the foggiest... so i had to click no for wanting to help, i'd simply be misleading you all
lol fair enough :)

well ill get the game installed again soon, and create a roster for the super 14.

also who are the new team btw? or are they keeping the old team (for south africa this is)
ill help whenever i can get a chance, but one question, are we going to use someones modified roster as a base so we dont have to edit everyones names again ie french, italians japs etc as well as to have a bit better stats for underrated players.
well for the roster, you would only have the super14 players in the tornament as far as i am aware you cant change the default tornament but just change the save game.

we could decide on a roster to use first, i dont mind.
I'ts great idea to make Super 14 patch! :bravo: Unfortunately I'm not able to help making it :(
lol fair enough :)

well ill get the game installed again soon, and create a roster for the super 14.

also who are the new team btw? or are they keeping the old team (for south africa this is)

they were going to replace the bottom team with the southeren spears but it all went ***s up for some reason. so all the teams are the same altho the cats have rebranded and will be the lions this year.

theyll still be total sh*te tho.
excellent, cheers davidson. i knew that there was meant to be a change of the crappest team to be replaced by a crapier team but wasnt sure if i had gone ahead yet.
Hey Woosah, just wanted to let you know that I have already created fully updated rosters for all the NZ sides with the exception of the highlanders. I also fiddled with a few players stats who I felt were underrated in certain areas. All created players were edited using your awesome roster editor, so have real faces and names which are as close approximations as I could find. I'm happy to upload the roster so anyone can try it out and give it a thumbs up or down and see if it's useful to work off as a base. I'm unable to do the Aussie teams or South Africans as I do not watch the Currie cup and have no idea of the team makeups or new player capabilities. The only problem is I don't have the foggiest idea where to upload the file to. Any advice there would be great!!
On another note because of the enforced rest of the All Blacks the 30 man squad size was insufficient to fit all the players I created for a team, particularly the Crusaders so some of the players are not in the lineup but do exist in the roster and can be added in game through the roster management menu depending on preference.
Quick update:

Finished doing the 2007 highlanders so that's all the NZ teams done and dusted, now all I need is somewhere to upload it, or if you just wanna try it out feel free to pm me.
excellent stuff, saves me doing the new zealand ones, i sent you a PM.

anyone want to do the aussie/saf roster? i will be able to merge them all together, and there is no point getting somone that is way to bias against them to do it in the first place (ie me because i am 2 bias, i cant help it :)) because they will make aussie/saf not as good as maybe what you think they are :)
Awesome Cain, I will be fascinated to see who's rosters are more biased :p
that is if woosah lets them go to air without some editing. hehe.
Any chance that a Northern Hemisphere update could be implemented into this patch? Then it could be like the ultimate Rugby 06 superpatch :D

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