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I went for a swim for the 1st time in 10 years this afternoon.

Now, since I was 14 (the last time before today that I swam) I have developed a penchant for beer and pizza, which has had a detrimental effect on my stamina. However, back them I could happily dive into a pool at 10 am and act like a fish on heat until dusk. So why in the name of god did I give up today after 20 lengths and half an hour??????

4 hours later and I'm still knackered.
Sex is the only exercise that can compare to swimming - you won't find anything more energetic.
You gotta be a fit body to swim.
After mucking about in the sea playing rugby with the guys i end up swimming like a spastic...i'm literally that tired after an hour or so.
I honestly don't think i could do more than 40 lengths without taking a breather.
Whereas in school i'm sure i did 50 lengths between English and History!!!

But good on ya, for getting out there!
Sex is the only exercise that can compare to swimming - you won't find anything more energetic.

That really depends on how you do it, it might be better to rephrase that as 'sex, when done correctly, is the only exercise that can compare to swimming'.

Also, I think the penchant for beer and pizza might have something to do with not being able to swim as much as you used to.
That and, when you grow older, so does your body, your muscles lose some strength, your gut develops a nice and warm laye of fatr, your hair ends up being in the hairbrush instead of on your head, ...
It's only natural, you might get back into shape, but sadly, it will never agin be like when you were 14, and you could go on being energetic two days in a row.
I resent that. I am far fitter, stronger, healthier and faster than i was when i was 14!!!

...i've dumbed down a little since then, though.
Well, I managed a whopping great 4 lengths today; My shoulder hurt.

Still, the Jacuzzi was a nice alternative... does that still count as swimming???
I should do a bit of swimming to combat my penchant for anything edible.
This thread inspired me to go for a half hour swim after doing the usual at the gym, and I wish I hadn't! Bloody hell!
Well good on ya Mite for taking the plunge, so to speak. But to only manage 20 lengths at age 24 is really a crime mate. FFS, you should be just getting into your physical prime right now. And by rights not start to lose muscle and accumulate fat before at least 36. Proven medical statistics that, by the way. But congrats on getting back in, and keep at it!

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