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Tackling from side view

Yeah, its tough and youll appreciate it later on when the game starts gettin easier.
its hard at first but you begin to learn the perspective, give it a while you'll be fine
That's good to know, I'm struggling to win on Pro at the moment due to my dodgy defending, but scoring plenty so leading to exciting games. Can only mean longevity for me.
i like playing on classic 3 now... i like to be able to see the holes and stuff

i played it on side for awhile, but now that ive discoverd C3 ive really enjoyed it

i think the hardest thing on side view is kicking for touch..
Pressing x willy nilly like you could in 2005 will get you beaten bad in this game. Try to resist doing a dive tackle unless youve got additional support to cover you if you miss. Never dive with the fullback. Kicking for touch is easy once you get the hang of it, much like in 2005, you just hav to angle it more sideways to find touch or beat the fullback, Judging by the arrow youll think youve muffed it but it turns out ok.

Some of the tries the ai scores on you in side view are wicked. In clasic 2 and 3 ive found that you can line guys up for a dive tackle pretty much every time. Think of sideview as a new difficulty level.

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