Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Cusker, May 13, 2007.

  1. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    How do you?




    Your Views?
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  3. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    For tackling, I just tend to keep low, watch very carefully so I can line up properly and just try and stop the guy in his tracks. If I manage to get my arms around his waist and link hands, there ain't no way he's getting away (unless he wants to drag me to the try line).
  4. What type of kick are you talking about? There are a hell of a lot of different situations which call for a different style of kick.
  5. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    Box kick the lot
  6. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Could you possibly be more specific wrt the position that you play? This would influence the type of pass or tackle greatly.

    For example, as an inside back, you`ll have to be able to do the crash tackle, the smother tackle and the turning tackle. As a backrow, add the push-down tackle to that list.

    Likewise, wrt passing, the scrumhalf and the flyhalf( possibly inside centre too) will have to have a spiral pass. This might not be required if you`re a forward or a winger.
  7. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    Scrum-half or inside centre
  8. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Alright then- crash tackle- lead with the shoulder, aim for the sternum, drive through with the legs. The idea is to basically hit the living shite out of your opponent, and to dislodge the ball if possible by it jarring in contact. The whole idea is to hit as high as possible, without conceding a penalty for a high tackle, and put your opposite number firmly on his ass. This is the ideal if your opponent is running straight at you, coming on the crashball.

    Smother tackle- get both hands around the chest area, wrapping up your opponent`s hands, thus he cannot offload in the tackle. Aim once again just under the sternum, and drive through with the legs. Not as important to put your opponent onto his backside, just make sure that he goes backwards, and can`t get his arms free to make the offload. Best done from broken play, when the opposition have numbers out wide, etc.

    Turning tackle- the idea is to get both arms around your opposite number, and physically turn him around, facing your side in order to win the turnoff. Best done when your opponent is in danger of conceding a turnover, eg. if you`re playing scrumhalf, your team has gone forward in a defensive scrum, and their no8 has decided to pick up and drive from the base, with little support.

    Can`t really explain the spiral pass, best to practise it by passing the ball through a target, eg. an old tyre on a piece of rope, set at a distance of approx. 5m from you.

    Hope that this helps.

    TRUE LEGND Guest

    This was my tackling style

    Center's tackle

    Sprinting into the tackle grantee's you will fall forward. Run as fast as you can using your body momentum as the battering ram by dropping your shoulder down and hitting the bread basket, or just below the chest. (Important) always REMEMBER to run into the tackle faster then the speed of the ball carrier. If you slow down pull out of the run up or even stop, you greater your chance in getting bumped off or even causing serious injury to yourself. Most important NEVER be afraid...

    If there already running while you are caught stationary. Crouch down in a sitting position driving oneside of your strongest shoulder and the same side leg into the chest area using your leg power..THEN WHAAAM!! if you catch him in the right position It's good night Irene to him
  10. DC

    DC Guest

    When i go into tackle i never try to kill someone with my tackle. My aim is to bring them to the ground and that should always be number 1. You dont always have to go for the huge hit but as long as you bring them down without them getting a lot of gain youve succeeded in the tackle.
  11. Wellycane

    Wellycane Guest

    Yep...bring him down as fast as you can before your opponents even try to set up a ruck. As soon as you've got him down, quickly get back up on your feets and force a turnover.
  12. You jest?

    Do you really want explanations for every type of box, drop, place, punt, spiral, grubber or any other sort of kick, for every situation you could find yourself in?

    Could you not be a little more specific?
  13. Beardy

    Beardy Guest

    Can't beat dumping wingers into poor Granny on the touchlines.
  14. Cusker

    Cusker Guest

    You jest?

    Do you really want explanations for every type of box, drop, place, punt, spiral, grubber or any other sort of kick, for every situation you could find yourself in?

    Could you not be a little more specific?

    Exactly what i want!

    +Cheers for the advice

    TRUE LEGND Guest

    Dont know about you lot BUT this is what i was told at a young age

    "YOU ATTACK AT 100% & YOU TACKLE AT 110%"

    Dont go out there to just put someone on the ground, If your gonna tackle him, hit him at 100% and make him know that there is NO hole's in your defensive line...Smack him till he doesn't get up again, remember the idea is to make him learn not to run at you again...

    This is what i was told in NZ u19s and NZ acadamy camp

    "If your there to just put someone on the ground YOU MAY AS WELL FARKEN PLAY SOCCER"
  16. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    OK, I agree fully with true legend, but only in certain circumstances. If it`s a big forward coming straight at you, with nothing but brute force and ignorance, sure you hit the living crap out of him.

    If however you are defending out in the wide, open spaces, and it`s a 2 on 1 overlap, I`d much rather try to attack the ball, not the ball carrier. In the end, it comes down to the particular situation, and how quickly you can read what to do. I`d much rather concentrate on trying to win the ball, rather than stroke my ego by hitting the crap out of a ball-carrier, only to see him slip the ball to a support runner just before the hit and concede a certain 7-pointer.

    TRUE LEGND Guest

    Sorry mate i was referring to a Center's tackle on this subject and Tackling HARD doesn't necessarily mean the word "HITTING" if you'd like to put it that way

    If it's 2 on 1 overlap out wide your talking about, 9 time's out of 10 he's gonna get thru you... Mate's it's not rocket science to know he's gonna draw yah in, then pass it to his mate standing wide. NO TACKLE HARD OR SOFT IS GOING TO STOP THAT. 'Unless' of course lets say your a winger. Id drift out wide to the line so that the only option left for the attacker is to run the ball back inside. Then the table's will be turned back around it's now a 2 on 1 situation in your favor, Your outside centre now has your back covered if the ball carrier decides to cut back in ...But as said, Your in a no win situation in a 2 on 1 over lap...So tackling in that situation is out of the question

    Mate have you ever heard of tackling hard then getting up on your feet to steel the ball??... It is possible to do both at once ya know

    You call it ..."ego by hitting the crap out of the ball carrier" I call it... Tackling hard with pride..NO MORE NO LESS
  18. Elethor

    Elethor Guest

    Interesting thread.. Im going to want to keep updated on this thread since i want to know as much as i can.
  19. 187

    187 Guest

    where on earth did you learn to tackle? you would've got stepped half the time trying to tackle ppl by running full speed at them. don't listen to this guys technique.. the other team would put a hundred points on u!

    this is a copy book tackle
    cheek to cheek, that's ur cheek to their ass cheek. in a perfect world, u wud drive into their midsection with ur shoulder & wrapping ur arms around their waste bring them to the ground, remember to keep ur head up and to help brace ur kneck or head for the impact, push ur tongue up against the top of ur mouth.

    ur primary objective is to bring them down to the ground, secondary would be to get on ur feet as quickly as possible to steal the ball. remember if ur the tackler & a ruck hasn't formed there is no offside or onside so just do it from wherever u are when u get up.

    there is also a smother tackle, which is basically wrapping urself around their upper body section hopefully preventing them from getting an offload away. if u can get ur hands on the ball whilst making the tackle u can either force a maul or a turnover if u take them to the ground.

    sure u can try smash sum1 but u risk injury to urself and also the other player.

    TRUE LEGND Guest

    Ask the same question to Joe Stanley, Fark Bunce, Henry Honiball and the late George Nepia, players in the back line that regularly used that technique and who of course made it there legendary trademark. The whole idea i was talking about was to get your opposition player NOT to run back at you again, not worry if your going to hurt him or not. I suppose the way you see it, we should also learn to lay a pillow out for him when he lands *shakes head*

    @ the end of the day its using your initiative when to tackle of course you wouldn't run into a tackle when the player is a stepper you wait for him to come to you, then either crouch and use your legs or rap his legs and use your body for the player to flip over you. But as said common sense will tell you the right tackle technique at the right time

    Just a brief question how farr did your tackling technique get you in the game of rugby??
  21. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Good to see that you`ve also figured out that there are some occasions when the classical crash-tackle can`t be used True Legend. That`s been my whole point of argument with you over here.

    In terms of your crash-tackle technique, nothing wrong with it mate, provided that the opposition ball-carrier is coming straight at you, arm extended for the handoff, shoulder braced for contact, ball firmly protected under the non-carrying arm. In that case, you know he`s coming on the crash ball. The worst case scenario for your team now is that he crosses the gain line, thus giving his support runners the shorter route to the breakdown, and your loosies the long road, through the gates at the back of the resulting ruck. In this case, yeah smash the guy with a crash tackle. No problems there mate.

    The only problem that I had with our original post was that it appeared as if you only ever wanted to do the crash-tackle, never the smother tackle, turnaround or push-down tackle. This is simply not possible, unless of course you`re playing against the Bulls, who only ever use the crash-ball!

    By the way, my tackling technique might not have gotten me to international or even provincial level, but it certainly helped me towards winning 5 Grand Challenge Shields with my former club Crusaders, and an appearance in the SA Club Championship Final about 3 years ago.
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