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The All Time Awsomest Things Ever..

The Bulldogs
The All Blacks
Mp3 players
The Sun (oh how i pray for hot weather right now!!!)
Getting home from a big bender to find cookie ice cream in the freezer

Finding out its happy hour - when u didnt even notice

Winning on a TAB ticket when u dont know the result

Finding a full pack of cigs under ur bed

Sitting in a corporate box at a rugby league fixture with free food and grog

Getting home from a massive bender to find cookie ice cream in the freezer AND then going to ur room to find a new game you just bought, but forgot coz ur were sooo drunk.

Bottom line

The best things ever are the things u find where originally u either
a. forgot exist
b. thought u'd lost
c. didnt know u had


Getting dumped by ur girlfriend (that u really really liked/loved), and going out the next weekend with all ya mates and getting smashed, then to be pulled by an even hotter chick than ur last GF, and to have ur ex that just dumped you (for another guy mind you), walk into the club to find you all over the new hot girl - the picture on the ex's face is deadset priceless - her instigation, not mine :bleh!:

Yes I have had a rather strange week and a half

Living inside the mind of Ak must be a fascinating yet, shocking experience....

Meh, I'd love to find free fags...
Led Zeppelin
(Rock in general)
The Simpsons
South Park
Family Guy
Power chords (not the ones you plug into walls, but the ones you play on guitar)
Rugby (both league and union)
Originally posted by kaftka+Aug 3 2006, 06:30 AM-->
Originally posted by el_tk@Aug 2 2006, 11:01 PM
@Aug 2 2006, 11:56 AM
Touche - her name would be?

Holly Willoughby.
Ugh... I preferred her when she was nameless. [/b]
- Dave Grohl
- Air Ben not posting anymore
- Joe Rocokoko/Luke McAlister
- Fridays
- Teh Mite
Family Guy
-Steve Price
-Ruben Wiki
-Awen Guttenbeil

Um.. :p Stacey Jones

-Brian McClennan!!

It's sex, drugs, and rock and roll... Dumbarse. It's in reverse order of importance.
meh, the amount of sex drugs and rock and roll im having i dont know wether its coming or going anyway.
Liverpool Winning the European Cup - 5 Times......

Still buzzing from it, even tho it was over a year ago, still also get that fantastic feeling seeing Stevie Gerrard Lifting the Cup...

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