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The disc is dirty or damaged



I just got a visit from our friend in rugby 2005 (xbox only) where a red box pops up and tells you the disc you are using is damaged or dirty, it cost me a hard fought victory in WL too. :%#%#: Needless to say the disc is fine. Any one else had this annoyance?
Please tell me it almost never happens? I hated that last year!

I haven't seen it yet!
I've seen it once..... although it came at the worst possible time, I now save after every game.
It did it to me a few times, once in a RWC final against Scotland :p

But I was winning 29-10 I think but happened to appear at final time.

You sometimes know if it happens as the AI do something stupid or something unusual happens.
I get that on PES5 when playing online, which gives me a disconnection and loses me ranking points. Really annoying
ahh well, it happened to me once on r2005, thats why i am getting it on pc

and gonna hire it out on xbox every now and again (maybe once)
well i havent seen this

but i have copped 2 megafreezes, like i did in rugby 2005

luckliy i though i save all the time these days

This will always happen to HB products....it sux
rugby 2005 ( pc ) - i was winning WL DIV 1, i played my last game of the season and then when i pressed next match for the computer to play its last match the game just exited to windows!!!! every time (saved it before).
extremely bummed!! just wanted that damn div 1 trophy.

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