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The Haka



I think rugby would just not be the same without the haka. And though every nation could come up with something like that, i can't imagine that anything could match it's flair. But I'm defintely looking forward to today's match to see what the Scots might try.


I can't keep a straight face when Ali Williams does the Haka, he's such a f**king poser :lol:


I adore songs MAORIES. I think that it is a good tradition which it is necessary to keep.


I have a lot of respect for the haka this is one of the reason why NZ are a little special.
Btw if we ever met New Zealand the French team should have a surprise to counter their haka especially with Chabal looking like the Spartan general. :cheers:

Long time ago the French did the New Zealand Haka against New Zealand. :lol:

Anyway New Zealand rocks they are the brazil of the Rugby.

The best way for Scotland to respond is to set themselves on the pitch to kick off and as soon as they start the Haka, kick the ball and chase after the ball and score a try...

The All Blacks wouldn't know what to do...

They will let you score your try but this is the last you are going to score for the next 80 minutes.
And then they will score 10 tries to teach you what to do and to not do during their Haka. :lol:


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