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The mighty Challenge Cup Thread 2019/20!!!!!


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Nov 29, 2011
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Why do the people controlling the cameras keep choosing stupid views where you can't see what's happening?

Nah it's just a convenient excuse. Pardon? Don't speeek Eenglish.
French cameramen / directors seem to love shots from too far away with the camera on the ground for some reason. By the final whistle I was expecting the coverage to fade to black and white followed by a card saying "Fin". It does make it clear that hookers are stood in the field of play 99% of the time!

I couldn't believe that Setiano was pinged twice in close succession for the same thing, if there was a time to play the language barrier card, it was when the referee spoke to him and his opposite number after the second penalty, but as he didn't I assume that wasn't the problem.