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The return of the North Hemisphere



Regardless of the result of the final, neither hemisphere has dominated the other.


Eh? I expect SA to win comfortably in the final - nobody has made a mockery of the SH (SA and Arg have had nothing but praise - though the latter are more like a NH team) apart from the arguably deserved karma on the Kiwis and Aussies after they were dismissed.

A little bitter are we Iversen? :rolleyes:
That's what he is talking about....get over it....


Jeepers, and here I thought that the RWC was all about the 20 best national teams in the world slugging it out for the sake of national pride. Seems like I got it all wrong, everybody was playing for their respective hemishperes then eh?

So that is why Troncon had tears in his eyes after the Scotland game- because he wanted to be the NH representative in the quarters then. Nothing to with pride and passion for playing for Italy.

Or how about Tonga scaring the hell out of SA, what was that about? Waking up their SH brethren for the sake of the cause of the south, or playing for the country of Tonga?

In the end, 20 teams started out this journey. Not 2 different hemispheres gents please.

C A Iversen

Exactly. My statement (and all of mine regarding the subject) was reactive, not proactive in the hemisphere debate.

Yes, I have been sucked in by verbal stones thrown and childish diatribes inserted into sigs and avatars, but at the end of the day aside from the mindless banter, I have to say this cup has only been good for world rugby.

A little bitter are we Iversen? Well, no not at all. Whenever I'm off forum, I'm enjoying RWC coverage. It's just as exciting. I'm a rugby fan, not just an All Blacks fan.

Narrow your focus to what I really said. I was focusing on how many threads are saying that Northern Hemipshere rugby is back and this world cup proves it, and taking the opportunity to kick another team when they are out and can't do anything.

My comment merely suggested that if there is such a thing as Karma, luck, fate etc, then the result coming for this forum is a South African win.

The South Africans have on forum been largely magnanimous in victory and humble in general. The same can not be said for a large number of other fans.

That was my whole point.

When I take away my feelings about how things have been going on the forum, and look at the World Cup just as Rugby that I'm loving, I can only say that I have deep admiration for both teams. One has to lose and that's sad, as the English have been the returning glory of the cup and South Africa have been steady and building. I'm going to love this final.

Bitter indeed, lol.

Learn to read.

C A Iversen

Thanks, on a much lighter note, isn't it fantastic that the two countries contesting are nations who have their share of rugby supporters, but one badly need soccer knocked off the main sports pages for a bit and the other also could do with a resurgence of rugby mania.


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