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The Sharks



I felt sorry for the Crusaders when they went down to the sharks on Saturday.If there is one thing that I love about the sharks and the Lions it must be the determination that they are playing with.A much more aggresive approach and in a way they make they own luck on the park.The stormers...that's a differnt matter all together as I will not look in their direction again until they get a new coach.The other SA sides can learn from the sharks and the lions.But let's give credit to the sharks as they scraped the pot at the end.Any comments?
I must agree with you wrt the Sharks- sure, they`ve had a whole host of home games to start off with, but if the draw favours you, might as well use the opportunity. What has been very impressive for me about the Sharks, is the way that they`ve been able to vary their play- in their 1st 3 games, they bashed it up, Bulls style, and relied on a physically imposing tight 5 to win them their games.

For their last game, with Kees Lensing and BJ Botha out injured- no problems, let`s just run it up from the 22, and see what happens. The result- a rare win over the damn nigh unbeatable Crusaders. If anyone wants to comment on the Saders missing 7 regular AB`s, just look at what they did last game against the Cheetahs.

The Lions- now there`s a masive story alright- just shows you what a team playing for each other- and for their coach- can achieve. Also shows just how long a year is in rugby- last season nowhere, this season in the top-4, winning 2 games in Oz, and doing it in the last 5 minutes, both times. Well done to them!
For mine cannot give them anything but a lot of credit.
Not only the best defensive effort in the Super 14 but the ability to cross the try line.

Thank god one team out there is still playing rugby.
They sure are, just ment as I was about the Sharks i'd sort of bring it down to their area.
Blues, Sharks and the Crusaders are playing 'rugby' as I know it... notice there's no Australian teams mentioned in that list... their not listed for a reason

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