The Stormers- Round2

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by blackbird762p, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Well yet again we were just so happy seeing the BADLY coached Stormer side going down to the Force.This time many factors came to mind...hey I just don't know where to start.How can a side with so many good players perform as BAD as they did on friday night? What's the excuse this time.The weather ?? LOL !Again I will blame the coach.What is Kobus trying to do with this side? Does he have a plan? On friday night I left Newlands just after halftime as I could see that we are wasting our time and money again expecting something from the Stormers.PLEASE PLEASE a new coach is what we need here.Many supporters were so angry and demanded a new coach before going to Newlands again.I agree 100 % Any comments? :ranting:
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  3. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Check out the game thread for my thoiughts on what went wrong- starting with the non-selection of certain powerhouse Boland tighthead props and a very decent Province second rower, going on to the Straueli-like coaching of Fester Adams- hey guys, I have no game-plan, so I`ll just put in an extra hard fitness session and talk hard to the players.

    The worrying thing for me is that the necessary playing personnel ARE fit and available, as is a very good coaching combination that is currently in charge of the WP Vodacom Cup side. I just hope that the powers that be at Newlands wakes up sooner rather than later before the Van der Merwe joke leaves Newlands devoid of any spectators. Very worrying indeed that all of this is happening under Nick Mallet (director of rugby at Newlands) watch.
  4. Boggle

    Boggle Guest

    I'm so absolutely gutted at what I've been hearing so far (* havn't actually catched a stormers game this season thanks to work, and I'm allmost glad I havn't*).

    It doesn't seem theoretically possible that this team should be this bad, yet they seem worse than last years cats, and that's VERY bad.

    I finally realise that Kobus really isn't that great a coach, anyone who doesn't even have a game plan to start with and then proceeds with using naas olivier instead brent russel (*who has just been bought from the sharks to basically sit and warm the bench it would seem*) must be the biggest dunbass ine the world.

    I swear if they don't do something immediately we will actually end this year at the bottom of the log, a team with players like Burger, Luke, Jean devilliers, Brent russel, Breyton paulse, Aplon, Joe, and all the rest will actually end at the bottom of the log.

    To put that in perspective (*from a saffa point of view*) that's like last years crusaders with Mcaw, Carter and all their bloody allblacks ending at the bottom of the bloody log, it just doesn't even seem possible.
  5. I agree Bok Magic.Kobus needs to realize that "talking" and finding an excuse around every bush is not gonna make the Stormers play better.Let's practice hard today and "feel" commited is not the way to get a side to play well.The Stormers seems to "hype" each other but when they run on to the field and they need to perform they are like 15 sheep all trying something on their own..almost in an oppertunistic way.There is NO plan,NO real leadership and no tactical plan to take out the opposition.Kobus doesn't seem to understand that talking and doing is two different things.It's easy to talk,explain and HOPE but before you can get there a good TESTED and well worked strategy that has been tested by the players is what's needed on the field.Confidence!It's too late then to scramble for a ball...hoping to score on a mistake by the opposition because the side can't score or make tries by just playing a good game.Boggle you have got a point as well...why pay and get Russel from the sharks and then leave him on the bench?He seems to provide a bit of spark when he is in.Is he in Form?Well compared to Olivier YES please give him a run.Nick Mallet.He seems to be in a fanatsy world as well thinking that things will just get better and the side will produce miracles soon.Kobus needs to go.As easy as that.For the sake of the LOVE we have for Province and the Stormers. B)
  6. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    ".... for the sake of the LOVE we have for Province and the Stormers."- couldn`t have put it better at all- it`s the poor supporters like us, who keep on supporting no matter what crap gets served up each week, that are really suffering- and we`re paying Fester`s bloody salary too!

    Here`s hoping for better times...........
  7. Boggle

    Boggle Guest

    Still as a Stormer, I pay it gladly.

    Allthough dreams of the Stormers winning the Super 14 are becoming more and more distant :(
  8. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Well, broke our win- and try- duck yesterday, still massively hung-over- celebrations lasted until about 5 hours of fitfull sleep ago!

    Mid-table respectability would be my dream for this season, heck, even 10th to 12th ignomity, just please not Super 13th or 14th place!

    But V D Merwe must still go IMO, Jean de Villiers` match-winning intercept had little to do with a constructive game-plan, and more with predatory instincts and feeding off opposition mistakes. And all of them unforced errors and turnovers at the breakdown is still all too evident- our cappie`s not doing his job as well as he should in the loose.

    Much better in the scrums, much better in the backline with Peter Grant showing some much-needed cut-and-thrust at 10, but the line-outs and the breakdowns were still a shambles.

    Get in Gary Gold or even Hawies Fourie( Boland coach) as head coach right now, and watch the team playing closer to their true potential, and actually string some good results together. Any of the big shots at Province listening?
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