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"There's a problem with the disc your using"

Does this message appear occasionally??

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"There's a problem with the disc your using. It may be dirty or damaged"

Just seeing who gets this message from time to time, resulting in having to restart the game.

Also what system do you get this message on??

ie: is it limited to only the xbox??
lollolol Xbox = sux lol. Get PS@ loL.

Nope. Never had that message.

Actually, I did once, and it didn't go away and it happened with every game I tried. And that was with PS2.
But that's not what you're talking about....
get it on PC mate... if your system can handle it it leaves the console versions for dead!
Not too concerned about it (it happens "once a blue moon"), and I'm selling my game anyhow (is on trademe at present for $65).

My real interest is whether this problem is related only to the xbox (likely with HB), limited to just my game (unlikely), or also appears on PS2.
yeah i got it a few times (on xbox) gave up on it and ended up coping it to my hard drive, havn't had the message since. Now i have both my games on my hard drive LOL
none of this disk swapping

man... i really need to get some more games...
I have it on my hard disk and get the message once in a blue moon. Had it three times I think (normally when winning a real good game!)
I have this message all the time I try and save a tournament/created player on the x box version.

I can only play one off games now, I can't do any saves at all, it really sucks.

Don't have this problem at all with the pc vesrion (though it does crash now and again).

I never used to get this message before on the x box, it has only started to comer up all of a sudden. I wondered whetehr me or one of my mates had damaged the disk but that's very unlikely.

It's going back to the shop now, I acn't put up with this.

How do you save the game to the x box's hard disk ? That seems to be the only possible solution.
I know the answer to this problem! Or at least the most likely answer.

I have had the EXACT same problem described by GarVanNeath. I even took the disc to be cleaned, used another persons copy and still nothing worked!

It turned out (for me at least) that the game can't seem to run correctly with too many saved players.

One possible reason for this is that if you delete or edit a player after you start a tournament, it still seems to look for the EXACT version of the player, which no longer exists!

Also roster changes and squad management alterations seem to do the same thing!

I found once I started my squads from scratch and wiped my created players, (yes, it was a REAL *****!!!) the error no longer came up.

I'm not sure of any specific reason for this error message, but I do know I'm on the right track.

I tried EVERYTHING, I even tried tranferring the roster and profile files to another mates X-BOX, only to have the same error. Even with TWO copies of the game!

I'm sure of isolated the above problem as being the major cause of repeated crashes on X-BOX.

Hope this helps, and applies to your situation, GarVanNeath.
Thanks Iversen, I'll try this later. I was probably going to try this anyway after looking on the EA website and guessed that I'd have to erase all saves.

Mind you, I don't actually have many created players, only about 7 or so. I think my problem may be that I've deleted/changed some of them, so it may be looking for those players.

Hope it works, if it doesn't then I don't know what to do. I'll let you know how I get on.
Yeh, clearing all saves from my x box's hard drive worked, it's working ok now, cheers Iversen.
No probs GarVanNeath, it's good to actually help someone sort something. I'm sure that it's something you would have tried, I just might have saved you a day or two.
Saintsfan, the games, rosters, etc will automatically save to your hard drive whenevr you use the "save" option, it's like when you save games on your pc. If you start up x box with no disk in the drive, you can see ALL the saved games on your drive from all your x box games (and delete any you don't need).

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