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Things that arnt in the manual ?



Has anyone worked anything out that doesnt appear to be in the manual ?

For one im still having trouble getting mauls and scrums moving ( espectially mauls ) Do you HAVE to add players to get it moving at all or is it more a timing thing with the push ?

Also what effect does stamina have on the players ? ( BTW the lowest stamina I have seen was 34 )

Do players tackle less effectively ?
Run slower ?
More prone to becoming injured ?

I mean what does the stamina really matter if we dont know whats its actually affecting ?

Any other things people can shed light on ?

Has anyone done anything mental like playing 15 wingers ? How does it affect things ? Constant turnovers etc ?

This game need pulling apart

Btw who else is enjoying the game more the more you play it ? I know I am at the moment.
Nice idea for a thread... let's tear this f**ker open... hehe. My only possible help is for scrums i've found I have much more success halting the opponent's drive if I don't try to hook and steal the ball. on't win many against the head but quite often manage to hold them. With mauls off the lineout I tend to add a couple straight away and then find if you add another couple as the drive slows down you can get a second push going. Just as baffled as you about stamina though, would have thought it affect ALL the things you mentioned... but this IS EA...
haha i tried the 15 wingers thing once and i couldnt keep hold of the ball at all. i tihink i managed to score 1 try from kick off but you can't keep possession.
Good to hear. It would have been dissapointing finding out that the system could be exploited in that way. I.e having a full team of wingers you just run around everyone. You SHOULD get hammered.

To be honest in NRL I seemed to find the more faster players you had in the team, the better you did in general which was a bit weird.

Still looking for things people have figured out by playing with stats etc. Has anyone made a team up and then reduced one stat to zero for the whole team and then see what effect it seemed to have ? I.e Strength ?
To be honest I haven't checked if it's in the manual or not but I don't remember seeing it, anyway in mauls the O buttong appears to be "dig in". Ignore me if it's actually in the manual already.
Stamina definitely effects players as do injuries (****les) - you see them freeze and are slow getting up/getting moving etc....Have seen it a few times. I always play twenty minute games - dunno if everyone else does or if that makes a difference, but I've definitely noticed it.

Getting to the extremity of arms flailing in a dive tackle gives you the better chance of slipping out of them - back yourself.

Scrums is timing - choose your move quickly and get the ball in quickly to get the jump on the AI....quick hook and immediate shove with analogue stick...make sure you aim straight left (straighter the better).

Mauls are created and shoved forward by pushing the x button at lightning spped to get as quick a possible shove and momentum on....will go five metres or so...but the trick to getting a good back move on is to get the halfback to pass before it has stopped moving so that the backline has more room (the opposing b-line must stay in line with the hindmost feet of their pack).

On the stamina thing - created players will have their stamina sapped significantly quicker - so stop cheating...(lol!). I have only created Lomu and Gear and left it at that. However their speeds etc are only 90 or so - not silly. Reckon my Gear looks quite excellent ..hehe...my mate thought they had motion capped him! haha..

My Lomu is quite naff tho..
- they don't seem always to come out like you made them! I dunno....

Sorry I digressed....

One of my tips would be to not obsess about angle running (especially on hard) - just play smart and - hit the odd shortball around mid-field and the wing...trust me. (warning - side view).

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