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This is what Stade Français are doing with the Brennus shield...


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Dec 19, 2013
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this has become common practice for the winners, the Bouclier is normally in the repair shop every Monday morning after the final to repair the damage, normally no harm done!!!! it was taken apart to be repaired 2012, after Toulouse had won it in 2011, Toulouse had stuck their emblem under the silverware probably trying to claim ownership.
At least they didn't let John Jeffery and Dean Richards near it! A pity in a sense, it would be a nice bit of nostalgia to see Dean Richards near a trophy!

Are you sure that this was the real trophy? Admittedly not the most reliable source, but according to Wikipedia, a replica has been handed out to the winning team since 2003, while the (already well battered) original is kept under lock and key.
exactly the original is in some rugby museum in Paris i think, and that is a relativly new one, hence most know this, so damaging it is not that big a deal