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Time to help


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TRF needs you.

As you will have noticed, me and getofmeland have been going about making a great deal of changes to TRF recently. We have been achieving what I have been dreaming of for 18 months. If I can buy TRF this weekend, I will. It's time for things to take a step forward.

The cost of TRF will stay between me and Dom. But other costs must be shared.

And this is where you, the members of TRF, must play your part. This evening I am setting up a PayPal account. I need you to donate what you can for the upkeep of this board.

getofmeland believes that upgrading the board will be beneficial. He has done some superb work for us. And like any good boss, I want to back things with money to improve it.

I am not in a great financial situation at the moment. But I want to pursue making TRF the biggest and the best. But you must back me.

With buying the upgrade, we can have the homepage we badly need. IMO can grow radically, we can have a list of hot topics, we can do featured members. TRF needs a homepage. I need you to throw your weight behind it and help pay for it.

You know me. I am not here to rip you off. I am here to make TRF the best.

I trust you are all behind me 100% in this venture.

I need you to put your hands in your pockets. I might own the board, but it belongs to you.


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