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TRF North v South


Completed the kits!

The North replaces Brescia and the South replaces Tresvisio. I've had to to overwrite these clubs because overwriting representative teams wouldn't work as we'd have to change our nationalites. So get doing the rosters ya bawbags!
Bit Late soz!

Name: Cusker
Team: NH
Position: Scrum Half,Centre,Fly Half

Physical Charatarisitics:
Height: 5'6
Weight: 11 Stone
Hair: Black and messy
Skin: Tanned
Other: No gloves, no helmet.

Speed: 96
Acceleration: 98
Agility: 100
Handling: 90
Passing: 85
Kicking: 87
Kicking Power: 90
Goal Kicking: 80
Tackling: 77
Strength: 80
Rucking: 30
Scrummaging: 0
Hooking: 0
Lineouts: 0
Aggression: 100

Passer (Ups team's passing and running abilities, player excels at passing)
Playmaker (Ups team's abilites to do set plays, player excels at working the backline)
Scoring (Player excels at scoring tries and making the most of oppurtunities)
it would be nice if he put a link up to download the kits...

anyway who is doing the roster?
it would be nice if he put a link up to download the kits...

anyway who is doing the roster? [/b]

Right, to get this back on the road I'll have a crack at getting these rosters together on 08 now I have Woosahs editor.

EG, can you convert the kits to Rugby 08?
If you need another or a truly versatile benchman for the NH they'd I'd happily be there. No probs if too late.

age: 18
height: 180cm, 5ft 11in
weight: 79kg

position: Hooker

Speed - 88
Acceleration - 92 (Ran a 11secs 100m)
Agility - 80
Handling - 80
Passing - 87
Kicking - 72
Kicking Power - 90
Goal Kicking - 72
Tackling - 54
Strength - 75
Rucking - 82
Scrummaging - 78
Hooking - 95
Lineouts - 78
Aggression - 46
lol i didn't know every member of this forum could run so quickly!
even props have 95 speed 98 acceleration! bullshit
ill play for the north, need some North American Presence i think..


age: 18
height: 74in
weight: 215lbs
Openside Flanker
Number 8

Speed - 71
Acceleration - 72
Agility - 67
Handling - 78
Passing - 80
Kicking - 17
Kicking Power - 40
Goal Kicking - 8
Tackling - 87
Strength - 90
Rucking - 82
Scrummaging - 79
Hooking - 77
Lineouts - 84
Aggression - 87

Mitchell Legg
Height: 187cm
Weight: 87.5kg
Nationality: NZ
Position: 1st Five/Eigths, Fullback

Lol some of these stats may sound a bit b/s but I can explain most.

Speed 84
Acceleration 90
Agility 86
Handling 95
Passing 91
Kicking 89
Kicking Power 85
Goal Kicking 94
Tackling 68
Strength 70
Rucking 47
Scrummaging 30
Hooking 10
Lineouts 20
Aggression 65

Goal Kicker
Defensive Organiser

I wouldn't mind being on the bench. First three, I'm the fastest player in the club I play for, can pass very well, good at kicking for touch and kicking in general play, goal kicking ace (last game got 6 from 6), not great at tackling like alot of other players, rest of that forward stuff....err yeah. Aggression, well I prefer to play with a cool head.
are these kits just made up or are they based on the real kits from the northern v southern hemisphere fixture a few years ago

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