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    <div align="center">Just an information note about The Rugby Forums gaming section

    We have now changed the rules so that you require some posts to be able to get in and read the rugby gaming boards. This is due to the fact that we have 2000+ members who seem to lurk the forums. This is a measure to make sure the right people get to see the information on the forums.

    If you are one of these "Lurkers" why not start a topic in the Introduction forum and just say Hi and maybe tell us a bit about yourself or you could just explore the rest of the site and try to get involved one of our many other sections.

    So Click here to introduce yourself

    We also have a great Rugby World Cup Section which is constantly growing so why not come read some of the articles, we have some great city guides and some great Road to World Cup articles writen by members of our press corps. Click Here
    </div><div align="right"> </div>
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