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is there any tropheys

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i won the world cup yesterday and to my disgust I didnt win a cup of nothing. here in america i feel its disgraceful
Originally posted by kinkon89@Mar 22 2005, 10:42 PM
you have to save your profile after you win...did you save?
no i mean like i didnt have a cut scene where i recive my troffey
If you didnt recieve a cut scene wouldnt u assume thats because there isnt one.
How can you have a poll about something which is a fact? There can't be two options, there are definately trophies, you can't dispute whether there are or not.
I would rather a programmer spend his time making the gameplay better, rather than wasting it with cut scenes. I think the trophy case strikes a nice balance.
Nob-head, god get this guy in the debating club for sure. calm down mate, if it's a joke it must be a joke you clever people make. I'll make myself scarce then
I agree with abes58. Gameplay is definetly better than a cutscene. Though I do wish that before a big match, that it could be a little more intense, with the crowd going wild, like in FIFA World Cup 2002.(Yes, it's OLD!) They had confetti and fans were screaming! They could do that in 2006, without the confetti, of course.
The programmers dont make the cut scenes, so it would not take away from their time doing the code, and when you look at some of the good cut scenes thy already have(like players running onto the pitch/haka etc) it makes you wonder how much harder it would have been to do a couple of extra ones with the trophys being recieved and waved around.