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Unlocked Star Players PS4


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Jun 15, 2010
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I came back to Rugby Challenge 3 recently on PS4. 6 Nations and all has rekindled my desperation for a rugby gaming fix!

Anyway, I noticed on the PS4 that a couple of locked star players have shown up on the fan hub (Owen Farrell, Leigh Halfpenny among others.)

Just wondering how this was done and if it is possible to do with any further players? Would love to unlock Wyatt Crockett or Brad Thorne so I could recreate a few players with their signature tape!

Thanks in advance for any help or advice, just wish I had a half decent PC so I could delve into all the amazing mod work being done here!
Hi Serge

The only way I know, how to edit a star players without frans.hendriks editor is to make a copy of him in the in game editor.

The newly copied player will now be editable.

Once you are done editing the copied player you can then choose the link player option and link the newly edited player with the original
Hi Rudolph,

Thanks for the reply.

Whenever certain star players are copied their unique faces are wiped to a generic one.

Somehow, somebody found a way round this with the aforementioned players. Farrell and Halfpenny have their unique features but are unlocked on the fan hub.

As I said, I'm on PS4 not PC so can't figure out for the life of me how it's been done!
This is something I've noticed aswell. I currently play RC3 on both PS4{Mainly online with friends} and PC due to the mods.

I first noticed this myself while looking through the fanhub on PS4 where i could see players like Halfpenny and Maitland with realistic hair and facial details. Those players weren't originally in RC3, though they were in RC2 and look exactly the same. So it looks like someone managed to transfer players from RC2 to RC3.

I recently started playing the PC version with the 2017-18 mega patch, which included these RC2 star players and others like Alun-Wyn Jones, which i uploaded to fanhub and copied onto PS4.

If that's the case and these players are from previous Rugby Challenge games, is it possible that the people who did this could transfer and upload a few more? A guy i usually play against is keen to add past players from previous RC games like Andrew Sheridan and Sivivatu.

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