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do you think it will be before we get THE rugby game we have been waiting for ? Sure there will always be tweaks to be made and teams to add, franchise etc, but when do you think a company will actually get the game right.

When did madden first hit it ? Im right in thinking that yeah they add bits to madden but the actual core ie player movement and collision etc has been there for a while hasnt it ? You could still go back to a madden from a few years ago and the core still be there and familiar to the player because they got it right and have stuck with it.

So when do you think it will be ?

Im predicting 2007 before companies start to have got it all together after a few years on the project.
yea well if this years game does alright more people will stand up and take notice and rugby will take over the world by 2008
Good question.

I'm inclined to think that things will definitely be on the up and up this year (optimistic, sure), with 2003/2004 being severe testers.

EA/HB have a big honor-test to pass with Rugby 2005, because if it is remotely similar to Rugby 2004, there should not be a Rugby 2006. They should be given all hell to pay.

Swordfish are on more firm ground, and I think it's only fair to expect bigger and better from them. They just might be opportunists and take this chance, as they can play their cards after Rugby 2005.

I think enough time has passed and enough competition to say that this is the year they get things spot on with the basics; the basics being gameplay on a very strong level, all around.

2007 is when they can start getting really fancy.
I actually agree with my American friend above.........

EA will make leaps and bounds in terms of graphics (due to the FIFA engine) over the next couple of years, but unless HB studios start listening to the rugby gaming public (or are given the boot) it will take at least till 2007 to get anything remotely right gameplay wise......

Swordfish seem to be developing an arcade style of rugby game, which will never satisfy the real rugby gaming fanatic. In fact sports games in general are going more towards realism due to the success of games like the PES series, and I wonder if they are heading down a blind alley with their approach. By not providing a realistic gameplay option they are missing out on a whole lot of potential customers (like me). I'm actually more excited by their Brian Lara cricket project with Codemasters........

SIDHE I think have the right people at the top to get things right the quickest. Their first effort (with budget constraints, and with no previous sports game experience) was stunning compared to anything HB studios has produced, and with their approach of getting direct feedback from the customers my bet is on them to produce the first truly great rugby game on a new generation console. Their second SJRL should see the gameplay improve considerably (available early 2006 perhaps??).
I think this will be the last current generation console EA Sports Rugby game. The next one will be in late 2006 for the next generation consoles, so they probably won't know how to use the technology correctly for that one.

Early 2008 I think we can expect a very very good game.
If HB keep making Rugby - they wont get the right formula till 2010

Swordfish look very good - I reckon 2008 before it gets juicy

Sidhe - came leaps and bounds for rookie effort - Although doesnt seem an annual project so we are looking at 2008 again.

Unless the USA or Japan win the RWC we wont get anything good for 3 years atleast.

However in 3 years on new generation consoles the Rugby games will be 2-3 times better than they are today

Its just games like PES and Madden/ESPN will keep lifting the benchmark which is affects our view of a quality sports game.

We wont be satisfied to the extent of NFL and soccer fans.

It appears we'll finally get a Rugby101
However by the time they fine tune Rugby101, and mini games etc, Madden and co will have Madden202 or something rediculous, that we never thought was possible, in which we'll want incorporated into a Rugby game.

It seems Rugby will always be 2-3 years behind the times of technology in sports games - Unless of course USA or Japan win the RWC

Until the world beaters in game development win a RWC or Cricket world cup - Our own boys in our backyard will have come on leaps and bounds to catch the Tiburons and Konamis

All we need is some Andrew Wilson to invent something spectacular in video game technology, and monopolize it to Rugby games only!!!! (I can only dream)
Originally posted by umosay@Jan 13 2005, 03:03 PM
Whos to say we wont get a good game this year?
yea but what we mean is like a game of madden class u know like everything to be done has been done and its great, to bad nfl sucks arse
Originally posted by ak47+Jan 13 2005, 06:57 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (ak47 @ Jan 13 2005, 06:57 PM)</div>
@Jan 13 2005, 03:03 PM
Whos to say we wont get a good game this year?
HB and Andrew Wilson champ! [/b]
I wouldn't go that far yet, from what i have seen SO FAR of Rugby 2005 - that could all change very quickly though
I think we've got the right to be negative until proven otherwise, rather than positive until proven otherwise like with Rugby 2004.

I'm still very neutral, graphics look very nice, but some evidence of bugs already.

Can't wait to see some of locksleys videos though.
Originally posted by umosay+Jan 13 2005, 08:30 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (umosay @ Jan 13 2005, 08:30 PM)</div>
Originally posted by ak47@Jan 13 2005, 06:57 PM
@Jan 13 2005, 03:03 PM
Whos to say we wont get a good game this year?

HB and Andrew Wilson champ!
I wouldn't go that far yet, from what i have seen SO FAR of Rugby 2005 - that could all change very quickly though [/b]
All we have seen are the borrowed "FIFA" graphics that HB is using (ie. they can't fail to be good), so to me that improvement is a no brainer.............

I'll admit that one or two of the sidesteps/fends in the footage has been promising, but until we see the gameplay that HB have been working on we can only go on their previous efforts at sports games.

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