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What's the best rugby game available today ?

There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity on these forums any more... Wondering whether anyone has tried out Rugby 18? Most of the reviews are dismal, but then this isn't unusual for a Rugby game. Most critics compare these games to other high budget sport ***les. Would like the opinion of people more familiar with ***les like Rugby Challenge 2 and Rugby 08.

On a side note, I found Rugby Challenge 3 less enjoyable than 2.
Yeah, rugby 18 is kinda **** in all honesty. The patch made it loads better but still not great. The RC3 forum is still active as is the modding scene tho
So I bit the bullet after posting here and bought Rugby 18 on sale via a third party website (around 60% off). It obviously lacks some content and it has quite a few flaws, but I'm actually really enjoying it. I spent loads of time on Rugby Challenge 2 with bric6's mods, and I own Rugby Challenge 3 as well. However I prefer the pace of Rugby 18 if I'm being honest. Rugby Challenge was a much more polished game and once you add the mods it becomes fairly content rich, but it feels a bit Arcade-like.

Rugby 18 matches the tempo of the sport better in my opinion. I enjoy the learning curve and it feels like I work for my tries when playing on Pro mode. The career mode is not as extensive as the World Series mode from Rugby 08, but it has some of the core concepts that I wanted from a career mode. Although the Southern teams and tournaments are not fully licensed, I could find a lot of Southern Hemisphere players across a wide range of levels.

The patch was also a good sign in that the developers did not just throw a cheap attempt at the small player base and then left.
The patch took the game from unplayable to a glimpse of what Rugby games could be.
Hello all !

I wanted to ask what is the best rugby game available today? It's almost 2019. Or maybe there is a great app on android as well?

Thank you !

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