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Whats the betting that....



I don't think its incocieveable that Rob Andrew becomes Englands Head Coach after Brian Ashton's contract runs out. Ill concede that my knowledge of Rugby isn't fantastic , but my theory is that they offered Andrew the job after Robinson , but he didn't want it , and so took over a side role , because he didn't want to take over the mess that Robinson had left. So they gave the job to Ashton temporarily.

Does anyone think this is possible?
Andrew has been fishing for the England job for over a decade (see the other Rob Andrew thread for the full explicit details of Rob Andrews head being under Francis Barons desk), ballsing up to the best of his ability the English domestic games as much as he can.

When SCW suggested the DOR job and didn't get it, it planted the seed for Rob Andrew to worm his way into an even better number; He can basically run the team and leave the bollocking to the "head coach" when things go wrong (such as the early group stage matches for England this year).

Andrew is a terrable, TERRIBLE coach (and never was that hot a player anyway and should have no place anywhere near the international set up. Luckily however Ashton is likely to have the job until at least 2011, after which time I shouldn't be supprised if Jim Mallender or, even more likely, Dean Ryan take over.
I wouldnt mind seeing Dean Richards have a go. He was fantastic with the Tigers in his early coaching career....or John Mitchell.