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When can we expect WCR 2



When can be all expect WCR 2? A christmas 2005 release?

Also I suggest you get rid of that stupid O tackel, that for me ruined the game. Also can we see more forwards taking the ball up-lets see phase play.

WCR had good graphics, great passing, a good rucking system and good presentation. Some new authentic stadiums (All top 10 international teams stadiums) and more emphasis on the crowd. Most people who play PE4 get really excited when the crowd urges them on for a winning goal.

Improve a few things, and I assure you that this game will sell like hot cakes. If you could also get Jonah himself to sponsor/promote it, this take a huge chunk of sales
I've been playing WCR a bit lately - and its fun.

Having been distinctly unimpressed by all I have seen of Rugby 2005 - Is WCR2 around the corner or miles off or never going to happen?

Thank god for PES4.
We've got a room at school for all of the Y13's (final year of high school), WCR is basically on the "big" screen non stop, with people screaming and stuff all the time. It's great.

But it doesn't change the fact it still isn't that great on single player.
JJ, Common room? We had ours takien away because they are rebuilding most of the school. Sucks ****.
Woodie, you find WCR fun but Rugby 2005 unimpressive?
You're bloody weird man, no offense.
Sean, No one knows for sure I think.

umosay, WHO WHO WHO?!?!?!

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