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Where You From??

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Well I am thought this would be a good idea to get an idea where everyone is from

So Where You From in the World... by that I mean What Country, And Who's your National Team!!!

I will start the ball Rolling

I am from England and support England


England = 4
USA = 1
Wales = 3
Scotland = 1
Hmmm...let's see...
Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US
Lived in the following US states:
Oklahoma, Georgia, Missouri, California
Lived internationally in Brussels, Belgium
Now Residing in St. Louis, MO, US

I support Ireland and the US (someone has too, right?)
Couldn't be much more English if I tried.

Bit of Lancashire, bit of Yorkshire, born on the outskirts of London and brought up in the Midlands.

According to my surname I probably have Flemish ancestory somewhere down the line, but England are my team for obvious reasons.
im born in wales. my backround is welsh and italian. but i dont support italy, im welsh and thts it.
Born in Dublin, 4th generation Dub to boot, some Kilkenny to boot but not the inbred part, and therefore Irish and an Ireland supporter.
my backround is welsh and italian.

Tut tut, not as Welsh as you would have everyone believe then.

So you actually have heritage originating in the land of pizza, pasta, romans, and men with long hair falling over upon the slightest gust of wind and feigning injury.

Interesting. ;)
very good, im not italian thought, i just have a family backround from italy

my grandad was italian, but lived his whole life since he was 2 in wales, and my nan on that side is welsh, and so are my other grand parents

so yeah im a pure welsh boy, i acknowledge my italian roots, but thts all, i love wales more than i love my family and freinds.
I'm Scots through and through. My old man's side come from Ayr on the west coast (hence why I support the mighty Ayr United), and my maw is from an island called Arran. They moved to Edinburgh a few years back, before my brother was born, and I've grown up here. You have to go pretty far back to find some foreign blood in me, I think it's Irish.
Welsh Boy.
Born in carmarthen (nr. Llanelli) now living in Cardiff.
Supports Wales!

Irish Grandad, but have no idea who/where he is.
So no connections with any irish relations.
I only know welsh relations.
I was born & still living in Pontypridd, Wales. Obviously I support Wales.
Born and bred in St Helens. Lived here all my life (apart from 3 years at uni in Preston). I have a touch of Irish (my grandmother who died when my Dad was 12 was Irish so I would actually qualify to play for Ireland in sport, but I wouldn't.) My grandmother (who died when I was 5) was from Cornwall but St Helens stretches in my blood to the 1800's.

I am English through and through.
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia - My mother is Swedish, but my father's 2nd gen Australian with Irish heritage.

Obviously I support all Aussie teams ;)

Oh and I support Sweden in the soccer just to **** Dan off :p .
born in christchurch, new zealand.
moved to wellington for work

suport canterbury and the all blacks of course :)
born and raised in AFL loving tassie :( in OZ, support the wallabies (even if the golden era is over) :(
Born and raised in Pretoria, still live here. Wouldn't live anywhere else.

I support the Bulls! But that's obvious.
Born in Jakarta, Indonesia from a father with a touch of dutch and an Indonesian mother...
live there throughout primary school
Lived in Dubai ever since... would really like to travel the world.. I wanna visit at least 10 countries before i'm 25.. (i've done 6! at 17)

I'm play for a 2 bit International side and brag about it at every possible occassion, Arabian Gulf U-19 International...
Supports the All Blacks(dont blame me, blame my kiwi coaches) and any other team who beat england and the french...
I was Born in Northants England, but lived most of my life in Auckland and Hamilton, New Zealand.
I support both NZ and England.
Born in Surrey,England but moved to manchester/Cheshire when I was two. I have parents from Manchester and Sheffield and Grandparents from Ireland and London. So I could join the brigade who could play for Ireland at Cricket or Rugby.

I support England with all my Heart but I also have Ireland as my 'good' side. (I never would have said that a few years ago)

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