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Which Haka will be used for the Allblacks



Which haka fdo you think they will use, and the full on Kapa o Pongo or the toned down one. And what about Australia and Fiji, Samoa, Tonga etc will they have their pre kick off things such as waltzing matilda, and theier hakas
Be the same one they used the last two years.

Doubt EA are going to go through the hassle of motion capturing the new one, especially when it's only used once or twice a year.
i was hoping if they were to include the kapa o pongo that we could pick before each test match, but hakas arent really that necessary are they? first few watches is fine, but then people just skip them after
Ah..."Waltzing Matilda." They should add that, shouldn't they?
they have it as a crowd chant during aussie games(06)
ka mate is the name of the orginal and is obviously the one they will use. It would be a huge hassle to get kapa o pongo and isn't worth the effort. On that note do you really believe they should need to tone it down because of a throat slitting gesture everyone would have seen a hundred times before the allblacks ever thought of using it ? :bana: :bravo:

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