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Who Best To Buy Rugby Challenge 06 From?



Play are cheapest, but their release date is now 1/2/06

Amazon and Game both have 25/11/05, but are £26 and £30 repectively.

Where have other people pre-ordered from?
I'm not ordering anything till someone with a Swordfish avatar tells me the release date.
Don't know, don't care because I'm not buying it...

..My parents are....

And if I don't get it for Christmas, Amazon for me....very loyal to them.
well it shouldnt be to hard to get from the shops ofcourse as the PR work for the game is almost non existant apart from the great guys Trev and Ian from swordfish. To bad your publishes arnt helping much. But i have to say thankgoodness someone picked them up or RC2006 may not even be coming so i have to say big ups to HIP for atleast getting it out there.
shhhhh....im a hustler

give me your soul and i will give you a demo version


eb is the best place fo those games..in nz that is,hahah @ central park going bust got killed by tana umagas gamesman and eb

or online
haha yeah i no. Central park was good though. Just way to expensive. what happens to those people who have pre-ordered stuff?

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