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Who Will Win The HEC 2005/06


An Tarbh

Much as I'd like to see it happen I don't think it'll be an Irish province winning in Cardiff come May.

Stade Français, perrennial bridesmaids, can my new local team make amends for last seasons extra time defeat, they certainly took the right step last Saturday anyway.

Biarritz will be smarting over last season's controversial semi-final defeat, Spreadbury you f***wit. They're fast becoming labelled with the same tag as Munster and Stade Français.

And we have the big guns left, Wasps and Stade Toulousain, can both teams make it through to the knockout stages, Llanelli and Edinburgh being in the same group makes me think no, I can see the winner of this pool only getting 4 wins so bonus points will be crucial.

I don't think Leicester will be a force in Europe especially now Johnson is gone. I think Sale are the best outside bet, 5 wins would see them through, so losing in Thomond Park mightn't be so costly, it would probably get them a home draw, and with their backline they'll certainly test any defence in Europe. Plus their pack are no mugs either.

I'll go with Sale to upset the apple cart and take the ***le in May, preparing for the onslaught.
Toulouse should win it. The addition of Nyanga makes a very good squad outstanding.

Bath don't need to win it. The Heineken Cup is sooo 1998. We won it before Leicester, that's all that counts.
Toulouse just look too strong on paper. They have to start as favourites, the depth of their squad is immense.
Although I believe Sale will do well in the HEC this year and possibly win the GP to go with it, I think Stade Francais's pack looks very good, and with Pichot playing for them, I will back them to do it this year.

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