Why cry about Controls?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by dougekurugby, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. dougekurugby

    dougekurugby Guest

    Why cry about the controls on this game? It took you a while to learn to control a first person shooter. Now you do it like it is writing your name. Is it uncomfortable now to press X and B to pass?....probably. Now shut up and get your thumb as little faster. At least there aren't MK3 combos or Hot buttons or Ridiculous codes.

    Negative replies to this thread will be sent to the Atari 2600 Rugby 1983 site where they can learn (slowly) to operate one button at a time.

    (I know it did not exist....save the comment)
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    DAVIES Guest

    Or get the PS2 verson. . .

  4. cavan

    cavan Guest

    i've said it before and i'll say it again, the xbox controller sucks no matter what game you are playing. Have you seen some of those third paty ones aswell, they're even worse!
  5. dougekurugby

    dougekurugby Guest

    It does suck. Especially the older models that are bulky as hell and 3 feet wide. BUT, I feel the Xbox Live makes up for the crapass controller. It far surpasses the PS2 online.

    DAVIES Guest

    I actually have never even held an Xbox controller.
    All I know is that I like the PS2 one A LOT.

    As far as the online experience, PS2 is pretty good depending on the game you're playing.
    Although I actually hope they charge when PS3 comes out.
    It'll keep the rif-raff out.
  7. dougekurugby

    dougekurugby Guest

    Charge and have minimum speeds to get online. You must have Cable or DSL for Xbox.

    Playstation controllers are great. I have a ripoff one for my computer. You'd think some outside company would make a PS2 style controller for Xbox.

    $200,000 idea for free there kids.

    Just let me in on beta testing it.
  8. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    All PS2 Pads apart from the Madcatz Dual Force 2 suck ass.
  9. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    Bought a new controller yesterday and the L2 and L1 seem to be swapped around. This is a wee bit difficult as I'm so used to playing Rugby 2004 with the L1 and L2 the right way around. Still won most of my Super 12 games so far this season with the Chiefs though.
  10. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Take it back, it is a dud.

    Despite the XBox control pad being a bit suspect with their pass buttons I still think the XBox version is the way to go. People everywhere have been saying that the XBox graphics are VASTLY superior, particularly the frame rate.

    Come on.....it is not a real handicap, just another learning curve. I have seen worse button configs on other games where you could barely play the game.

    The button thing with the XBox could be some marketing conspiracy to balance up the PS2 flagging framerate with R2005.
  11. You cant blame a console for the controls they have..if you are gonna do that, then pick on the game cube, worst pad ever.
  12. You cant blame a console for the controls they have..if you are gonna do that, then pick on the game cube, worst pad ever.
  13. Boltman

    Boltman Guest

    I have both versions (I'm not insane, the PSII one is for keeping at my cousins house, as he only has a PSII).

    I decided to fire them both up, and boy am I glad I have the X-Box version, passing seems fine to me. It only took about 1 minute to get used to the new controller layout.

    But as for the PSII version, the framerate is not acceptable, once you have played the X-Box version. Also the graphics are much tighter on the Box.

    They both played fine though, if I only had a PSII I'd still be happy with the PSII version.
  14. richees

    richees Guest

    that's a decent controller. i have no problems with it
  15. DAVIES

    DAVIES Guest

    I actually use the Logitech Wireless Action controller.

    It's wireless and it's just as good as the DualShock2.

    (NOTE: there is an older Logitech PS2 wireless controller that is no good. The one I'm talking about is newer.)
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