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Why does anyone think this game is good?

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It is utter cack! Just the same as the terrible Rugby 2005, but slightly more responsive. It's an atrocious game - I'd score it 1 out of five. I'm flabbbergasted that there are people who like this game and think it's better than RC2006.
you're an idiot for two reasons:

1. you obviously dont have a good eye for quality games

2. you have to post in both forums to make sure everyone gets your opinion.
you are entitled to your opinion but so are others and I trust them more than yours as they give reasons for why they like the game. Ultimately I think this game could be like rc2006 with those that love it and others that hate it. it seems to be good news so far even from guys that have been playing rc2006
well, mainly because its a sim, not a arcade. sims generally have a beter life span, and arnt as.. over-the-top. also its more lisenced, and better graphics. i havent played either, so thats all i can comment on.
Rugby 2006 is a polished up version of Rugby 2005 but, doesn't make it a bad game in sense as mentioned before.

It has bugs removed, new features added, and most importantly...the Guinness Premiership ... B)
It's just about different from R2005 to justify another £27.

If they improve the game by a similar degree each year then I'll be happy. Just played it for about 6 hours up my mates', it was wicked.

I rented RC2006 for 2 nights, didn't get on with it at all, just like WCR in my view.

I want a simulation, not an arcade game.
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