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Why dont we have a section for the Japanese Top league and College Competitions?


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Sep 13, 2010
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Or should we just keep all Japan talk in the General NH section?
That's definitely a fair point to raise... The real problems being we don't seem to have a huge Asian membership and that Japanese/Asia 5 Nations games are almost impossible to watch.

Possibly off topic but I have a friend in Japan I'm still in contact with, the school boy rugby system seems to be picking up quickly, hopefully 2019 could see the hosts past the pool stages...?

Just for fun, he's the 15.

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I'd imagine its because there's not a massive amount of discussion about the Japanese league, or at least there hasn't in the past.
However this may change due to it becoming more.successful and getting big names involved.
Will definitely be worth looking into!

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Someone could always start up a poll to see how much intrest there is about a Japan Top League Forum.Im very intrested to hear more about the rugby over those ways,but there is not much coverage going around.
Now we have to find some Japanese members...