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With what camera you play?

You can just feel the love towards foreigners of non-English speaking backgrounds here, eh.

I use the Classic 2 camera myself. I tried using the Sideline and Broadcast cams, but the left-right buttons aren't intuitive enough, I was getting confused.
Classic 2 all the way. Can't cut angles as well on any of the other cams.
I agree, the classic 2 i good, but i change to classic when the camera is facing the opposition cos i can kick easier.

It's a great angle.

Broadcast looks kinda cool, but you could never play a game with it.

Jamie Gough
I use the side view when i want to make the rugby im playing look better, but the classic is the easiest.
Broadcast does look better and you get to appreciate the graphics better but to get the best feel of the game I play it on Side.
Its too hard to see where the opposition is on broadcast even tho i have used it a few times, but its mostly side view.
Heh, broadcast view is a waste of time to play it on that, totally crazy.

I like and use the side tho, thats my fav.

I'm not a fan of the above views in rugby games, I think it works well for Madden but I guess I'm just used to seeing it on TV, thats why I like the side view.

Jamie Gough
Classic 2 is the most playable I hear (But thats for wimps), I man up and use Side view.

For one it looks better (more realistic) and it makes for a much more challenging game (especially when it comes to kicking).

If you can dominate an opponent on hard difficulty using the side view, you are my friend,.................the man!
I love a challenge, when it comes to rugby. makes the win more worth-while.

r***y 2004 was easy on hard mode, and i could easily beat australia with northampton, so easy. it was just the turnovers than really dun my nut in.

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