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Wolves sign Roy Asotasi


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Roy Asotasi will join Warrington for the 2014 and 2015 seasons.


Might well have been discussed in the NRL Thread Talk but thought it needed a thread. Having seen Roy play for the Rabbitohs a few times over the last couple of seasons. The guy will be a good addition to the Wolves.
But is he what Warrington need?

Roy Asotasi is one of the most consistent props of the last ten years. But when offloading the 86 year old Adrian Morley and 31 year old Gareth Carvell I don't understand the logic of replacing them with Asotasi. Mike Cooper is going to the NRL. They have an ageing squad and they really need to bring the average age down.
Unfortunately Asotasi has been rather quiet over the past couple of season. He's getting tired.

This could go one of two ways - joining the Wolves may bring back the player of old, or he may continue his deterioration of quality in to retirement.

2013 has seen him average 8.3 hit-ups per game for an average of 72.3 metres. These statistics pale in comparison to his team mates, the Burgess juggernaut that is Sam and Luke who have played 1 less game, yet have both almost doubled Asotasi's work load. Sam averages 15.8 hit-ups for 139.3m whereas George manages [email protected].

Looking at the competition bench marks allows one to appreciate how far out of touch with the best Asotasi really is. Cronulla's Paul Gallen and Andrew Fifita case in point. Gallen manages 19.2 hit-ups per game for 175.8m and Fifita 16.9 hit-ups for 147m.

Hell, the Broncos fullback Corey Norman has stats as good as the best props in the NRL who are all heads and shoulders above Asotasi.

For the Wolves sake I seriously hope Asotasi brings his A-game and finishes his career on a high.

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