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World Club Challenge

Haha no I just hadn't heard any talk of it this year. Thought it may have been scrapped.
No, it's ORRRRRRRRRN, but it's very low key this year I totally agree.
No one in Australia seems to care about it anymore...I guess people realise it's a joke, with a fair bit of that having to do with the gearing towards the Thuper Duper League teams.
Watch Manly beat Leeds last year and tell me it didn't mean anything to them.
The RFL have offered to play the game Down Under on numerous occasions.
"Out of sight, out of mind" springs to mind. The snobbish inter-hemisphere attitude may have something to do with it also.
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"Out of sight, out of mind" springs to mind. The snobbish inter-hemisphere attitude may have something to do with it also.[/b]

In fairness, the Aussies have a right to be snobbish. It's a major sport down there while it's not up here. Their international side is vastly superior to our own. And it says a lot that so many Aussies play in super league, but hardly any English players play NRL.

Still, I think this match is a great event. I was gonna go so I could see Inglis play but I heard he's not fit, and money is thin, so I won't.
True that, but is that maybe due to the relatively high number of players they produce down their and low numbers who play the sport here more then anything else?
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Watch This

And This

Both brilliant. Second one in Particular, a British side winning in Brisbane.[/b]

Awesome, didn't realise Robinson already met with Sailor in a major final!

Martin Offiah lives near me in West London, I see him around sometimes... not hard to miss with a numberplate saying something like 0F1AH... Plus Shaun Edwards sends his kid to my old school.
What a boring game it's serving up. Even worse then the dross served at Twickenham yesterday.
I know, it's league not union. Why has there been so many penalty kicks and so few tries?
Where was Inglis today? Saw him in the background for Maguire's try and he started sprinting and just gave up. Methinks he didn't want to risk an injury for the NRL season.

Leeds tried their best but were outclassed. If Watkins could finish better... who knows.
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Can't wait for next years at the DW stadium ;)[/b]

I agree - because it has to be played at a neutral venue so that means it won't be Wigan playing in it!

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