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World League Question



Hey all, first post.

I've been reading for a little while, and decided to join. Anyway, I need help with Rugby 2005's World League. (Great, by the way!) I saved enough points to trade for BOD, but it said that he was on another Super 12 or Club team! I've seen that others have him, help me!

All that means is your trying to buy him from Ireland. Seeing as in the World League there are no national teams that means that his club that he plays for is in the World League, so that would make 2 BOD's in the tournament. I forget what club he plays for, so just flick thru the Euro teams when you want to buy him and look for BOD at #13. Shouldn't take long. Maybe it's Munster, but maybe not. Just look for a whole lot of Irish flags down those rosters and he'll be in one of them.

So in short, buy him from his club, not from his country.


Hope that helps.

Which I'm sure it will.

I'll stop now.

Jamie Gough
Thanks, that helps a lot!
BOD, here I come.....now I need some more Trade Points!
Originally posted by USA_Rugby@Mar 21 2005, 01:34 PM
Thanks, that helps a lot!
BOD, here I come.....now I need some more Trade Points!
Hehe cool.

With BOD those should be rolling in.

No worries

Jamie Gough
Brian O driscoll, he plays for LEINSTER not LEICESTER if thats what your thinking.
Oh, ooo.......k then.

Very interesting conversation we are having can you get who these are?

SG (french)
LM (French)
JSD (English)

Il get more soon goota rush.
Another question for you helpful souls out there. Mid way through my first season (20 min halves proving very long when I keep wanting to try other teams and competitions etc!) and made a few good signings including Henry Paul (best bargain in the game- a cheap goal kicker who is dangerous attacking) but wondering how many maintenance points i need to keep from regular season. I assume you get more for winning competitions? Just wondered if anyone could say how many points you get for doing various things like winning the league, the cup etc? Thanks

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