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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by xxfavrexx, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. xxfavrexx

    xxfavrexx Guest

    Well i said ill have it at 10am, and i did.. [​IMG]

    Here are my thoughts of the game after playing through the crap Rugby 101 and half way through my first game.

    The game feels right..and also i heard people complaining about the diagonal runs..which are far from true..for some reason on the xbox version im playing it doesnt seem to work like people have posted here.

    the commentators sound rubbish...if only it was possible to play custom soundtracks while playing...and the music in this game is far and away the worst ever lol.

    Also i honestly expected to feel weird using the xbox controller after people have posted that its button layout with rugby feels weird...for me it felt good, the pass buttons are simple.

    I love being able to dive for a

    Ill try post a gameplay video/pics later today.

    Rugby 2005= best rugby/league game ever..i just hope League 2005 can beat this (if it does its gonna go down as one of the best sport games ever).

    lol next step is graphics like ESPN NFL 2k5..god i love that game lol.
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  3. TRUTH

    TRUTH Guest

  4. Why two threads? [​IMG]
  5. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Where did u get it from, i thought it wasn't being released till Thursday 17th.
  6. xxfavrexx

    xxfavrexx Guest

    other was more of a information thread regarding when ill be getting the game lol

    My brother went to get the game while i was waiting at home, he dropped it off and then went to work, when he gets back ill ask him where he got it from.
  7. xxfavrexx

    xxfavrexx Guest

    lol final score on normal mode vs Australia A (me being brumbies) was i got whooped.
  8. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Can u post a pic of Phil Waugh at a ruck or getting nailed. (Preferably in Wallabies kit).
  9. xxfavrexx

    xxfavrexx Guest

    I would but my camera is deciding not to work, ive got a camera phone..i could film about 10 seconds of menu/game modes to prove i got the game.
  10. xxfavrexx

    xxfavrexx Guest

    I just started a super 12 comp - picked the Warratahs.

    First game was against the Sharks, here is a match summary.

    The Tahs kick deep and try to force an error, thankfully it pays off..Dunnings hits the centre and forces a knock on..from the scrum the Tahs spread the ball but are shut down by some good scrambling defense.

    2 tackles later a magic run by Lote Tiquiri in which saw him break a tackle and race to the try line, the fullback got there late..none the less the position of the try was near the corner post..Rogers misses the kick.

    7:04 score is 5-0 Tahs lead.

    After the kickoff the Sharks got there heads back in the game and drove up the field as though it was a training session, gaps began to open left right and centre..the tahs couldnt contain them let alone look like they were trying and Venter rolled over the line after 2 straight hit ups from the forwards..sheer strength was the key here, the kick is converted.

    12:57 score is 5-7 sharks lead.

    The sharks continued to hit hard and force more errors by the tahs, it didnt take long for the next points to be scored, James was right in front of the post and with the defense expecting a pass backed off..James decided to kick a feild goal, the tahs looked like they were out on there feet.

    20:52 score is 5-10 sharks lead.

    the next few minutes were dominated by long runs and try saving tackles, matt rogers saved 2 tries in the space of 10seconds when he tackled the sharks winger who went straight into the open after a great cut out ball..the second involved rogers defending 15m from the line and he hit James over the side line.

    The tahs had a few chances with 4mins remaining in the half the tahs took the ball wide in hope of Tiquiri beating his man once again..although this time around Lote had no room what so ever to work with..with 2mins left the tahs started playing like a team possesd and looked all but certain to score a try until a knock on 5m out from the line saw the half out.

    Half time score is 5-10

    The second half continued with big hits and errors by both teams..the tahs looked like they might be getting back on track as the began to play harder.

    22m out from the sharks line a cut out ball from Donnelly hit grey in the hands and saw a knock on..this pretty much summed up the game for the tahs.

    Next few mins turned to head back and forth until Jacobs was put in a big hole, he raced down the filed rogers was the last man back and it looked like he had him coverd by some how Jacobs broke free from the rogers tackle and scored a great try for the sharks..conversion is good.

    63:00 score is 5-17 sharks lead.

    The tahs knew it was either going to be now or never and forsome reason couldnt keep up with the ball playing skills of the sharks, James was the hero once again when he kicked a 30m Field goal.

    66:33 score is 5-20

    2minutes later Mentez made the Tahs defense look like kids as he broke 2 tackles and scored in the corner, if it wasnt over before it sure was now..conversion is missed.

    69:14 score is 5-25

    With 10minutes on the clock the tahs just wanted to make it look respectable, Tiquiri intercepted a ball and ran 30m before getting tackled just inches short of the touch few mins were dominated by the tahs and with Lote lurking in the midfield saw him barge over for his 2nd try..kick is no good.

    Final score is Tahs 10 - Sharks 25

    Tahs looking into shaking up the line up in hope of getting some sparks back into the team.
  11. Are you still on Medium difficulty?
  12. xxfavrexx

    xxfavrexx Guest

    Yea lol [​IMG]
  13. That's good to hear.

    Last night I had a couple matches on Hard and got spanked. Went through the 6 Nations with Ireland on Easy and won the Grand Slam. Then had a few one off tests on Hard again -- my best accomplishment was holding Spain to a nil-nil draw with my Argentina in Buenos Aires. They missed two dropgoals (thank god) and I almost got close to scoring once.

  14. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    have you given Medium much of a go yourself capt. ??
  15. xxfavrexx

    xxfavrexx Guest

    I like playing on a setting where i have a shot at wining rather then no i will win..when i start to win 4 straight games ill head over to hard..i just wish this game had slider settings and more difficulty settings.

    Overall i like this game alot.
  16. Yeah, I'm really liking the game too. Well, enough to stay up until 5am playing it last night (have been feeling dead all day).

    raz -- you know, I don't remember. [​IMG] Medium? Surely I have. I think I lost too. Well, I had to have lost, I remember my victories and they are few and far between. Think I'm going to begin some competition on medium tonight.

    And go to bed at a decent hour.
  17. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    haha ... I'm still up just waiting for the game [​IMG] ... damn store would not give it to me a couple of hours early, its not as tho it would have mattered to anyone! [​IMG]

    I'm going to have to go now and content myself with some more demo games and try to keep them interesting until the morning, when I'll amble down for Rugby 2005 and MGS3.
  18. maddog79

    maddog79 Guest

    What view are u using?
  19. xxfavrexx

    xxfavrexx Guest

    I use Classic 2, feels a little like madden/ESPN so its alright.
  20. idrisguitar

    idrisguitar Guest

    espn nfl 2k5 is one of the best overall sports games of all time, perfect graphics, presentation,gameplay (fun and realistic)

    its up there with the pes series imho.
  21. xxfavrexx

    xxfavrexx Guest

    ESPN leaves PES for dead [​IMG]
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