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Your Rugby Kit



Alright, gentlemen, and ladies...let's see your team kits. No, not your England "Johny Wilkinson 'The Kick'" kit you pull out for having a pint on a saturday, the kit you pull on to actually play rugby.
I'll show you mine if you show me yours...
Also, let's post up some links to your clubs websites.

Here's mine:
Ponsonby Rugby Club

- my club ponsonby in the blue and black.

best rugby club in new zealand
My club kit:


The first team has a really horrible new kit, but those are the shirts worn by everyone else from junior level upwards.

And this is the strip of my Uni team:

My club the montreal wanderers. This is the prems after having lost in the semis last year :( . But they came off a grand quarter-final victory against a club of basically extremely skilled France imports. fourth from the left in the bottom row is Colin Robertson who played few tests for Canada as a centre back in the day. My school team (Loyola high school), (i don't have a picture) is solid maroon jerseys and socks with white shorts.
1894 we were founded, anyone beat that?
There's a team photo in my former (although I think technically I'm still a member) club's clubhouse from the 1870's.
Heres the kit for my club the Velox Vahallians, its blue and black.: (Im the one in the long hair, got it cut a little bit, and i play back row and front row for junior [U16] level)


My high school kit is green blue, and black: (ignore the bad hair cut)


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