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    Check out this documentary. Its about 2 hours, you can watch the whole documentary on the above website or view parts of it on youtube by searching zeitgeist.

    Documentary is splitted into different parts.
    -Religion (similarities between all the religions etc)
    -9/11 attacks
    -Iraq War and the purpose of it
    -the future mankind on this planet.
    -also other stuff like eg. government using media to try and manipulate people.

    Very intresting, got me thinking. 2 hours, but worth it I say.
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  3. Yeah, I watched this a while back, found it really interesting. I didn't really relate to the third part, and found most of it a cock and bull story (claiming ridiculously that Americans' downfall will be the Worlds'. And pointing out that the unity of Europe, i.e. the EU, is what the likes of UK has wanted all along. As if.). The Christianity part was all news to me, so I found it really interesting. Although, I was kind of biased on their view. Pretty much the 'terrorism' case has been rammed down my head in this post-9/11 world, so basically knew all about that.

    I'd recommend it.
  4. DC

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    the 9/11 part is just bullshit, i didnt watch it but im sure its along the lines of those videos like loosechange what a load of ****.
  5. dobrien7

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    And here I thought this thread was going to be a review of the Smashing Pumpkins new album...
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