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100 metres - Gatlin wins/UK crowd boos

If you get caught once I'd go with a life ban.
OUT !!
Coaches as well.
OUT !!
Everything wiped.

Send a single simple message.
And so say 99.999% of us. The other .001% being the cheats, their coaches and, regrettably, their lawyers. It just ain't possible....

.....unless we could divert Trump from wiping out NK, and quite possibly the rest of us, and put him in charge of WADA. He's quite good at driving through change with complete disregard for practice, protocols and law.
Sad way for Bolt to finish his career. At least GB won gold.
Gatlin is offensive because he has maintained his level post ban. He used to be a good 60m sprinter but was a nobody at 100m. Then he leaps in performance at 100m and 200m, gets caught, then maintains performance levels post ban. This tournament is the only one he has slowed down at, but about time, he's 35!

OK goose, so it looks like you suspect the same thing I suspect - Gatlin is still dopng but is able to mask/hide it better.
Yes, probably. I'd prefer a big drop off like we saw from Johan Blake (who was pretty anonymous) when comparing a doped performance vs a non-doped performance. And I think we can be confident that only a very small fraction of doping is detected through tests due to masking agents, missed spot checks etc.

But overall I was really impressed by how believable some of the sprint times were for both men and women. Considerably slower than times even 20 years ago (with the exception of a men's 400m first round). It may be that it is a slow track for sprinting, but I'd imagine even a comparison to the times at the same track at the London Olympics would show things were slower this time around.

The UK 4x100m men's relay time by some fairly average athletes (executing to perfection) was the third fastest time ever, so it can't be that slow a track.

Maybe the wholesale banning of Russia has spooked folk, maybe the biological passport thing is having the impact it had in cycling in the early years in reducing the severity of doping.

Anyway, long may men's 200ms being won in 20.17 continue! The disappearance of Kenyan dominance in long distance running after their recent doping scandals was also a "positive" development.

I might tune in to track and field a bit more of it stays a bit more credible like this.
i guess i'm a product of the environment and time period i grew up in... but i pretty much assume every athlete is dirty

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