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2005 like 2004???? I don't think so!

Originally posted by captainamerica@Feb 23 2005, 12:43 PM
<span style="font-family:Impact">BEADLE</span>

On the one hand, Jeremy Beadle has apparently got a really big penis, but on the other hand it's quite small.
Originally posted by raziel_eire+Feb 24 2005, 01:44 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (raziel_eire @ Feb 24 2005, 01:44 AM)</div>
@Feb 24 2005, 01:10 AM

Why do people on this forum get hounded for having an opinion? I mean what kind of forum would it be if everyone agreed with each other?

....yes I agree...oh how right you are...yes just what I was thinking...oooh what lovely eyes you have

Large yaaaaaaawn

There would be no discussion or argument at all. Surely these are the things that make a forum interesting?
To be fair jimmy44, you have tried to be constructive with your questions and feeling for the single player aspect of the game ... the post of mine you've replied to here was meant as a joke in your case... (I know it was Sean43 who seems to only ever see Rugby2004)

I've no problem with people disagreeing at all, as I've just said, you have tired to be constructive with your views - all I've wanted is that criticism be kept to a minimum until folk have given the game a go for themselves

... I think (due to your apprehension towards the game) that you've been put in the same boat as Sean43 and people have started firing torpedo's before you had a chance to put your side of the story up... Sean43 has not been constructive at all and has been a little stupid in some of the things he's said (it looks like R2004 - now thats stupid!) and so he is getting alot of flak

We are all entitled to our opinions as you rightly say (and as I've said in many of my posts), but some people (mr 43?) seem intent on just spouting shite about the game because they want to - and that just doesn't stick with me

As I've said before, I'm not looking for everyone to agree and sing the games praises, just to give it a chance is all I've been asking for [/b]
Hey, no problem mate at least you have the sense and decency to acknowledge my point of view! So thank you for that!

Originally posted by MightyQuin@Feb 24 2005, 01:21 AM
I agree Jimmy, how right you are ... and is that new aftershave you're wearing??

Seriously though, I think the issue that stirred people up was pointing out defects with the game when you haven't even played it.

Locksley has been very good at responding to queries about the game - and I agree, there was a point when he seemed to point out more flaws with the single player game than positives.  He does seem to have addressed a large number of these concerns though.

However, the overall feeling from him, and the other guys who've actually played it at the camps in Oz, is very positive. 

Long live the right to constructive criticism though!
True true, but you could also say that as no one on this forum has played the game - apart from Locksley - no one is in a position to make overly positive comments about it either! it just seems to be those who have negative comments who get shot down, and that is what pi£$ed me off.

Anyway, I feel better about the game having seen the second video and heard lockley's latest comments
Not strictly true - I think a few boarders have got their grubby hands on the game at the training camp demo days in Australia.

Don't ask my what a Canadian developed and US published game is doing being demo'd in Oz .... !!!
but that's the thing you see...

... there have been a few who have played it (the demo at least) and their thoughts on the game are favourable

locksley's words have been the most rounded in regards to 2005... explaining the pro's and the con's

...and considering he is the only person to have played the game extensively, (and with his reputation for honesty/rounded opinions on other rugby games) its his view that I've been considering the most.
If Rugby2005 were as bad as some truly believe it is gonna be, he would have told us... and seeing as he's not, I hate to see a stream of negative posts pop up every day knocking what he has spent time (and considerable effort) presenting to us.
In my humble opinion, criticism and opinions supported by some reasoning should be encouraged and never flamed. Who knows, maybe even the lads and lasses at EA read this stuff and we can contribute to the on-going evolution of the game (supposed to be yearly releases, right?).

Ridiculous, un-founded criticism isn't worth even reading much less replying to. Degrades our noble clan of rugby gaming fanatics

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