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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Gay-Guy, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    When the game comes out will we have a thread where we are sharing different ways and techniques on how to play the game...in short, a tips and strategy thread?

    Now I know that a lot of you do not want to share your secret techniques around. The downside of this is that we never get to learn from each other and accelerate faster in our ability. I am actually divided on this as this forum is a public arena and what is revealed normally gets spread around the world. JLR after all these years does not have many tips or strategy pages and a lot of its stuff was held secret by those in the know. Rage didn't tell everything in its how to play manual but left things out.

    Perhaps the best way to deal with this is to have a thread where people offer to trade or share tips and people reply on the thread. Then the person offering can select which people to PM with the tips.

    In simple words.......a thread as a meeting place with any new info where people can decide where to PM.

    Anyway........cos I like sharing I might as well tell you what I am doing for my gameplay at the moment.

    From now till the game comes out I am starting to visualise what sort of player I would like to be known as. I am imagining playing with people and seeing how I would like them to react when I play them. I am picturing people who have played me talking to others about things in my gameplay that are exceptional. I am visualising R2005 players talking amongst themselves in awe of me.

    I am looking at the team or teams I would like to use and am picturing giving these teams a fearful reputation. Where people will look to the heavens in dread when I select these teams to play. Where after a while people will say "He is unbeatable when he decides to use ______"

    With the team or teams that I am using I am imagining a style of play that will cause others to have a sinking feeling of complete resignation when they play me. A style of play that will be described by opposition players as "unbeatable" or "perfect". A style that gives your opponent the sense of defeat after a few minutes after the kickoff.

    My style that I picture will have a defence that is total. The words to describe it would be "like a dark blanket" or "the wave." It would be a defence that makes the opposition feel like they are the ones on defence.

    My attack will be relentless. Untiring, like a juggernaut that cannot be resisted. I imagine an onslaught of wave after wave of complex combinations, seemingly endless in variety. An attack where the opposition feels like they are resigned to damage control, like a dike with too many leaks.

    That my freinds is how I am preparing for R2005 before release, lots of visualisation of my gameplan which I am not actually revealing. Perception is halfway to reality, reality is perception REALISED. If you cannot see where you are going........will you get there?

    Where there are two equals, success goes to the one who believes he is more.
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  3. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Mate you need to get out more, or stop smoking that stuff of yours!! [​IMG]
  4. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Hehe, was thinking the same thing! It's only a rugby game afterall
  5. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    lol lmaorofl

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    true but u gotta say that was funny wat NZL fan said!
  6. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest


    I need to start smoking stuff to get my mind off this wait!
  7. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Are you seeing anything from the other side?
    Napoleon, Henry the 8th, Jimi Hendrix?
  8. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest


    You guys are all haters [​IMG]

    When I have achieved world domination I will save you Mr Iversen for last....... [​IMG] .......... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] ............... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] , [​IMG] .... [​IMG] ..................... [​IMG]
  9. Gay-Guy, you rock!

    You are on a quest to reign supreme, to wear the electric crown of video rugby, to sit high in the comfy chair with the small pillow behind the lower back and a cool drink on the table. Maybe some snacks next to you in a bowl.

    And then you stand, waving your mighty controller to your simulated opponent, taunting them with a simulated haka, belching loudly and proclaiming your title.

    "I am Gay-Guy! I am Rugby 2005!"

    But becareful, Lord Gay, as there is a steady uprising to the East, unseen before in LaLa Land and it's assumed mentally vacant shores.

    This beast awaits the advent of online play. This beast, patient and coiled, will slice through your dark blanket defense with its scissors like attack.

    This beast is Public Enemy #1: An American with rugby knowledge.
  10. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Caught me out C.A

    I make such a boast knowing fully that R2005 if NOT online! Hahaha........

    But when it is C.A and doubting thomases.......who do you think will be better prepared?
  11. Dude, I ain't even going to pretend and go up against the might that is Gay. Guy.

    But, in regarding your question if there will be a tips and strategy guide on TRF -- I'd say yeah and I think you should start it.

    Online will be cool, but it looks as though we're waiting for possibly WCR2 or Rugby 2006. In the meantime, we'll have to practice with 2005 -- always prepare, and in my case, buy some time.
  12. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Naaa, Gay-Guy I'm not a hater, you are one of my favourite posters, along with:
    Captain America
    kaftka (the banana sex theRapist)
    Mark Shaw
    the Chiropractor

    Always look forward to the next either right on the money comment or off-the-wall laugh-fest from you.
    Keep it up man.
  13. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Whoops, you almost forgot me there. [​IMG]
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