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2007 NRL Draw



2007 NRL Draw

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 - 6:48 PM

Click here for a pdf version of the 2007 draw

Footy fans start planning your 2007 winter now with an exclusive preview of the NRL draw for next season.

The 2007 NRL draw will be officially released in the morning by NRL CEO David Gallop but fans can get a sneak preview now.

Already the NRL has released the round one schedule for 2007. Now check out where your team will be for the entire season.

With 16 teams in the competition, 2 games on Friday nights and the return of Monday night football there’s some exciting changes to 2007.

From March 16 footy fans will have 4 days of action for 25 straight weeks. Some weeks there will be 5!

The season will run 25 rounds, plus finals. Every team will have 1 bye across these four weekends:

Round 6 (following the April 20 Test); Round 10 (preceding Origin 1); Round 13 (preceding Origin 2); Round 16 (preceding Origin 3).

Every team plays every other team once in the competition with the remaining nine games the result of two eight team pools (in the fifteen team competition it was three pools of five).

Each team plays all the teams in the other pool a second time as well as a match against another team in their own pool.

The Pools are based on the teams’ finishing positions from the previous season and are as follows:

Pool A: Storm, Knights, Sea Eagles, Eels, Cowboys, Panthers, Sharks, ***ans.

Poll B: Bulldogs, Broncos, Dragons, Raiders, Warriors, Tigers, Roosters, Rabbitohs.

The complex draw has been worked out by a team of experts factoring in a number of club requests.

The Grand Final is on Sunday September 30.

Sourced from nrl.com

he 2007 Telstra Premiership Draw:

Away Venue Kick Off TV Notes
Round 1 16-19 March 2007 (NZ Daylight Saving ends at 2am Sun18th)
Broncos v Cowboys Suncorp Stadium Fri 7.30pm CH 9 8.30pm Syd
Storm v Wests Tigers Olympic Park Fri 7.30pm CH 9
Warriors v Eels Mt Smart Stadium Sat 7.30pm FOX 5.30pm Syd
Sharks v Panthers Toyota Park Sat 7.30pm FOX
Sea Eagles v Raiders Brookvale Oval Sat 7.30pm FOX
Knights v Bulldogs Energy Australia Sun 2.00pm FOX
***ans v Dragons Suncorp Stadium Sun 3.00pm CH 9 4.00pm Syd
Roosters v Rabbitohs Aussie Stadium Mon 7.00pm FOX
Round 2 23-26 March 2007 (Aust Daylight Savings ends at 3am Sun 25th)
Dragons v Knights

OKI Jubilee
Fri 7.30pm CH 9
Panthers v Bulldogs CUA Stadium Fri 7.30pm CH 9
Wests Tigers v Sea Eagles Sat 5.30pm FOX
Raiders v Storm Canberra Stadium Sat 7.30pm FOX
Cowboys v Roosters Dairy Farmers Sat 8.30pm FOX 9.30pm Syd
Warriors v Broncos Mt Smart Stadium Sun 4.00pm FOX 2.00pm Syd
Rabbitohs v Eels Telstra Stadium Sun 3.00pm CH 9
***ans v Sharks Carrara Stadium Mon 7.00pm FOX
Round 3 30, 31 March, 1-2 April 2007
Broncos v Panthers Suncorp Stadium Fri 7.30pm CH 9
Eels v Wests Tigers Parramatta Stadium Fri 7.30pm CH 9
Dragons v Cowboys WIN
Stadium Sat 5.30pm FOX
Sharks v Rabbitohs Toyota Park Sat 7.30pm FOX
Storm v Warriors Olympic Park Sun 12.00pm FOX
Bulldogs v ***ans Telstra Stadium Sun 2.00pm FOX
Roosters v Sea Eagles Aussie Stadium Sun 3.00pm CH 9
Raiders v Knights Canberra Stadium Mon 7.00pm FOX
Round 4 6-9 April 2007 (Easter)
Rabbitohs v Bulldogs Telstra Stadium Fri 7.30pm CH 9
Roosters v Broncos Aussie Stadium Fri 7.30pm CH 9
Knights v Storm Energy Australia Sat 5.30pm FOX
Cowboys v Wests Tigers Dairy Farmers Sat 7.30pm FOX
Eels v Raiders Parramatta Stadium Sat 7.30pm FOX
Sea Eagles v Warriors Brookvale Oval Sun 2.00pm FOX
Panthers v ***ans CUA Stadium Sun 3.00pm CH 9
Sharks v Dragons Toyota Park Mon 7.00pm FOX
Round 5 13-16 April 2007
Panthers v Eels CUA Stadium Fri 7.30pm CH 9
***ans v Broncos Suncorp Stadium Fri 7.30pm CH 9
Dragons v Storm OKI Jubilee Stadium
Sat 5.30pm FOX
Bulldogs v Sea Eagles Telstra Stadium Sat 7.30pm FOX
Warriors v Cowboys Mt Smart Stadium Sun 2.00pm FOX 12.00pm Syd
Raiders v Roosters Canberra Stadium Sun 2.00pm FOX
Wests Tigers v Sharks
Sun 3.00pm CH 9
Rabbitohs v Knights Central Coast Mon 7.00pm FOX

Home Away

Round 6 21-23 April 2007

Cowboys v Rabbitohs

Eels v Bulldogs

Knights v Broncos

Sea Eagles v ***ans

Sharks v Raiders

Storm v Panthers

Dragons Bye

Roosters Bye

Wests Tigers Bye

Warriors Bye

Round 7 25, 27-30 April 2007 (Anzac Day)

Broncos v Storm

Bulldogs v Wests Tigers

Cowboys v Sea Eagles

Knights v Sharks

Panthers v Raiders

Rabbitohs v Warriors

Roosters v Dragons

***ans v Eels

Thursday 3 May 2007 City v Country - Coffs Harbour

Round 8 4-7 May 2007

Broncos v Rabbitohs

Bulldogs v Knights

Dragons v Panthers

Eels v Roosters

Raiders v Sea Eagles

***ans v Cowboys

Warriors v Sharks

Wests Tigers v Storm

Round 9 11-14 May 2007

Cowboys v Panthers

Knights v Warriors

Rabbitohs v Raiders

Roosters v ***ans

Sea Eagles v Eels

Sharks v Broncos

Storm v Bulldogs

Wests Tigers v Dragons

Round 10 18-21 May 2007

Broncos v Sea Eagles

Bulldogs v Sharks

Dragons v ***ans

Eels v Cowboys

Storm v Roosters

Warriors v Wests Tigers

Rabbitohs Bye

Panthers Bye

Knights Bye

Raiders Bye

Wednesday 23 May 2007 State of Origin 1 - Brisbane

Round 11 25-28 May 2007

Broncos v Knights

Bulldogs v Cowboys

Eels v Warriors

Panthers v Wests Tigers

Raiders v Dragons

Sea Eagles v Storm

Sharks v Roosters

***ans v Rabbitohs

Round 12 1-4 June 2007

Cowboys v Sharks

Dragons v Broncos

Panthers v Sea Eagles

Roosters v Knights

Storm v Rabbitohs

***ans v Raiders

Warriors v Bulldogs

Wests Tigers v Eels

Round 13 8-11 June 2007

Dragons v Sharks

Knights v Wests Tigers

Rabbitohs v Panthers

Raiders v Eels

Roosters v Cowboys

Warriors v Storm

Broncos Bye

Bulldogs Bye

Sea Eagles Bye

***ans Bye

Wednesday 13 June 2007 State of Origin 2 - Sydney

Round 14 15-18 June 2007

Bulldogs v Broncos

Cowboys v Storm

Eels v Dragons

Knights v Raiders

Panthers v Roosters

Sea Eagles v Rabbitohs

Sharks v Warriors

Wests Tigers v ***ans

Round 15 22-25 June 2007

Broncos v Wests Tigers

Rabbitohs v Sharks

Raiders v Cowboys

Roosters v Eels

Sea Eagles v Bulldogs

Storm v Dragons

***ans v Knights

Warriors v Panthers

Round 16 29,30 June, 1,2 July 2007

Bulldogs v Roosters

Dragons v Sea Eagles

Knights v Rabbitohs

Panthers v Broncos

Raiders v Wests Tigers

***ans v Warriors

Cowboys Bye

Eels Bye

Sharks Bye

Storm Bye

Wednesday 4 July 2007 State of Origin 3 - Brisbane

Round 17 6-9 July 2007

Broncos v ***ans

Cowboys v Warriors

Dragons v Raiders

Eels v Knights

Rabbitohs v Storm

Sea Eagles v Roosters

Sharks v Bulldogs

Wests Tigers v Panthers

Round 18 13-16 July 2007

Bulldogs v Panthers

Cowboys v Broncos

Eels v Rabbitohs

Raiders v ***ans

Roosters v Sharks

Sea Eagles v Wests Tigers

Storm v Knights

Warriors v Dragons

Round 19 20-23 July 2007

Broncos v Eels

Knights v Roosters

Panthers v Dragons

Rabbitohs v Cowboys

Sharks v Sea Eagles

Storm v Raiders

***ans v Bulldogs

Wests Tigers v Warriors

Round 20 27-30 July 2007

Broncos v Sharks

Dragons v Bulldogs

Eels v Sea Eagles

Rabbitohs v ***ans

Raiders v Panthers

Roosters v Storm

Warriors v Knights

Wests Tigers v Cowboys

Round 21 3-6 August 2007

Bulldogs v Eels

Cowboys v Raiders

Knights v Dragons

Panthers v Rabbitohs

Roosters v Warriors

Sea Eagles v Broncos

Sharks v Storm

***ans v Wests Tigers

Round 22 10-13 August 2007

Bulldogs v Raiders

Dragons v Rabbitohs

Eels v Sharks

Panthers v Cowboys

Sea Eagles v Knights

Storm v Broncos

Warriors v ***ans

Wests Tigers v Roosters

Round 23 17-20 August 2007

Broncos v Bulldogs

Cowboys v Dragons

Knights v Panthers

Rabbitohs v Sea Eagles

Raiders v Warriors

Sharks v Wests Tigers

Storm v Eels

***ans v Roosters

Round 24 24-27 August 2007

Broncos v Raiders

Bulldogs v Storm

Dragons v Eels

Knights v Cowboys

Roosters v Panthers

Sharks v ***ans

Warriors v Sea Eagles

Wests Tigers v Rabbitohs

Round 25 31 August, 1-3 September 2007

Cowboys v Bulldogs

Eels v Broncos

Panthers v Warriors

Rabbitohs v Roosters

Raiders v Sharks

Sea Eagles v Dragons

Storm v ***ans

Wests Tigers v Knights

7-9 September Semis

14-16 September Semis

21-23 September Finals

Sunday 30 September (7pm) GRAND FINAL (Long Weekend - NSW)
cricky, i am normally in with the draw first lol

anyway i am going to the first game, hopefully in auckland this year

cricky, i am normally in with the draw first lol

anyway i am going to the first game, hopefully in auckland this year


hehe the draw has been out for a week or two.

broncos great team ,i saw recently a match and it was a pleasure to see them

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