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2022-23 Kit Updates

Game crashes during WL as Newcastle (me) vs Bordeaux using the Roster from Jim's github
conditions: knockout round 2, season 1, stadium: bourgoin, france
any idea or possible fix would be appreciated, thank you
Guys I just want to know which file activate that the players in Rugby 10 who wears gloves , gets second skins
Good day Jim. Just want to know, if i play World Cup then whatever team I am, when I'm playing against NZ then the game goes out or it freeze. Maybe Something that can help me beacuse I would really like to play World Cup with all the teams. NZ won't let me play
A side project I've dipped in and out of is trying RTX Remix with Rugby 08, but I've made minimal progress, have now got it to work in the game but it only triggers in the cutscenes. Positives are the shading added to this scene/ball, negatives are there's an invisible player holding this ball:

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