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2022 HSBC Sevens Series


Congratulations to the GB Women, they beat the USA and won the Fast Four Final.

USA Men beat Canada to finish in 5th place at the Vancouver Sevens Series.
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HSBC Vancouver Sevens Series Men's Final - South Africa 38 Kenya 5

The Kenyan's were bigger, but the Blitzboks were better. Congratulations SA.
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Some good rugby news even if I and I daresay we value the 15 man code slightly higher. I know its a reduced format but still, you can only play what is in front of you. Proud of Kenya as well!!
South Africa won the Edmonton leg of the 2021 HSBC Sevens Series. :cool: Congratulations, that's two in a row!

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Great Britain won on the Women's side at Edmonton. Congratulations...also two in a row!

USA Women won gold at Malaga. :cool: They defeated Russia 35-10 in the final.


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