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2023 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series

New Zealand Men won Gold in Singapore. 🥇 Congratulations!

Women didn't compete on this leg of the 7's tour. *Here's the Men's standings.

Both the New Zealand Men's and Women's team won Gold at Toulouse. 🥇 Congratulations! *One more leg of the tour to go, May 20 and 21 in London.
Anyone catched the NZ vs FRA game? Not sure that was the right call to be honest. If it was, i'd like a rule change or something. Pretty sure that is not what people who spend good money on tickets want to see.

Don't really follow sevens but surely this is a slam dunk bad ruling against the French and the ref needs a real earful? France penalty and he lets NZ players just wander all over the place in front of the French player rather than standing behind the posts and then blows for time after the NZ players wasted it. Absolutely shambolic reffing.
Argentina Men won Gold in the last leg (London) of this season's tour. 🥇 Congratulations!

New Zealand Men are the 2023 HSBC Sevens Series Champions. 🏆 Congratulations! *New Zealand Women won the Series Championship last weekend.

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