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Hey i dunno if this has happened to anyone else or whether its one off in game/glitch. but i was just playing a super 12 match hurricanes (me) against cats and i tried for a grubber kick through the centre to run onto it and score under the posts or as close as i could get. after Bobo kicked the ball it hit a defender and bounce up in the air and through the posts and i was awarded 3 points for a drop goal.
Has anything like this happened to anyone else. i know on r***y 2**4 you could score a dropgoal with any kick but i didnt think that had been included this time round
Not sure. If it was a drop kick which i doubt it is counted, if not glitch. If u checked replay u'd be able to tell.
I no exactly what happened. i grubber kicked the ball but it hit a defender and bounced up and over the posts

but ya loved it didn't ya!?


With time up (off-topic but tinny as well)...I had a shot at goal to draw a game - with Spencer.....in Spencer style the shot struck the friggin' upright.....lol! Bu I chased the kick hard in suspicion it might and it came down and sat up into hiss tomach on the absolute burst! He ran a great angle to the corner (was already heading this way) and went into a losing fottrace to the corner...but the head start was enough....I just and I mean j-u-s-t mad it.....would have gone upstairs.

One of the freakiest tries I have scored (produced a shout and fist pump - that's good ****!)!

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