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3 Warnings System


St Helens RLFC

Right, the recent banning of the Chiropractor has led me to come up with a new system for people who cause trouble. And whilst he is cruising full steam ahead for another ban, this is so he can't plead ignorance, even though that is a contradiction of terms when Chiro is involved.

If you're banned three times, you're banned for good.

The member of staff involved will determin the length of the ban the first time around.

The second time round, team TRF will meet and decide on the length of the next ban.

The third time round, you're gone, end of story.

I do hope this never even gets to stage 2, but it might, so there you go.
Threatening other members, generally being abusive and spamming. I asked him to apologise and he refused.
No, fear not, I have been devising this system for about 2 weeks. And besides, you've improved a great deal in the last month.
why cant we all hold hands and smile?
Originally posted by St Helens RLFC@Nov 26 2005, 02:38 PM
I quite agree, but certain members refuse to co-operate....
If this is about that time when I grabbed your leg, by accident, in a slightly more friendly way than was the intention, then I have already explained myself...At least I was smiling, unlike Mr. Uncomfortable over here...

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